Muffins that make us go “Mmmmmm!”

While we were out in the world this weekend searching for an extendable ice scraper for the car (y'know, because our lives are exciting), we happened to notice that Dulce Bakery + Coffee (1100 Don Diego Ave., 989-9966), which is under new ownership, appears to be open on Sundays now. Score. We don't know if you know, but everything they make is so completely fantastic that we sometimes have to stay away for fear of eating too many treats. Still, we sampled two muffins—blueberry and banana walnut ($3.25), and let's just say that a certain honor we bestowed upon Dulce in our 2015 Best of Santa Fe stands. And then this got us thinking about other muffins we've had and loved—so try these on for size (and realize that you're fooling no one about eating cake for breakfast):

Ecco Espresso and Gelato (128 E Marcy St., 986-9778) is an easy place to start since they're right next door to our office and we're in there, like, all the time. Try their blueberry muffin ($2.95) on for size. Furreal—that bad boy is crammed with explosive berries, and a subtle hint of citrus really rounds 'em out nicely.

Chocolate Maven (821 W San Mateo Road, 984-1980) may just take the cake (swish) with their pumpkin spice muffin ($3.25), a delicious blend of pumpkin-y goodness that's just crunchy enough around the edges of the top that you'll surely stay for the stump.

Sweet Lily Bakery (229 Johnson St., 982-0455) has muffins in both regular and mini-sizes ($4 and $2.75, respectively), and they're gluten-free for everyone pretending to live with celiac disease. Huzzah!

Where else do you recommend?

More Tidbits

-Speaking of Chocolate Maven, we've received word that a brash new restauranteur by the name of Bina Thompkins will begin a separate eatery inside their walls for dinner (Maven doesn't do dinner, dammit!) called B-Zen Café . We hear it'll be organic, gluten-free and Ayurvedic (which basically means it's healthy and stuff). For info our reservations, reach out to Bina at either 819-7220 or

-Are you on the mailing list for the Santa Fe Master Gardener Association ? You should be, because that newsletter is the best, whether you want to garden better for more foodstuffs you grow yourself or learn about making cool things (the most recent one is all about yule logs, baby).

-If you haven't sampled from the hidden tacqueria inside El Paisano Food Mart (3140 Cerrillos Road, 424-9105), what're you even doing with your life? They've got tacos and gorditas and exotic meats (I mean, if you consider goat exotic) and we've been known to grab a quick bite for just around $5. Check those Yelp reviews up there and listen to your friend The Fork—this place is worth it.

-And finally, while we're talkin' tacquerias, let us never forget the wonderment found at Felipe's Tacos . You don't become a legendary restaurant without kicking ass, and we've been regulars here since we can remember. We like the no carne burrito ($6.95) or the #2 combo with quesadilla, taco of your choice, beans and rice ($11.25), but what do you guys usually get? They've also got the best horchata in town.

Also …

Our winter guide has done grooved up slowly, and you're sure to find some great stuff in there from fireplaces and don't-miss events to wintertime movies that may or may not be dumb as hell. We're even thinking about taking ice skating, but in case we flake (which we've been known to do when it comes to doin' stuff), we'll just use the handy gift guide from SFR staffers who want to help.

And here's another link to our fantastic annual Restaurant Guide. This week, we've got a handy guide to some of the best local food trucks around. Obviously we can only fit so much information about these mobile culinary experiences, so we're wondering what some of your favorites are. Extra points if you tune us in to something that's lesser-known.


The Fork is so excited to say that we asked you about Brekkie Bs and y'all delivered BIG TIME. Let us first apologize to the reader who seemed super-bummed we'd dare to say "y'all." Now, we delve into the super-scientifically proven methods by which we tabulated Santa Fe's most popular breakfast dish:

First of all, you all really (and we mean really ) love El Chile Toreado (950 Cordova Road, 500-0033)and their b-fast bounty. Between Facebook and email, this stand racked up the largest number of votes for their Brekkie Bs ($7), and we double-love them for their straight-bonkers hot dogs.

Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen (1512 Pacheco St., 795-7383) is another of your faves with a number of Fork fans claiming it might just have the best Brekkie Bs in town ($8). Most all of you said that the green chile version is best.

Rounding out the rest of the list were spots like Blake's Lotaburger , Café Fina and La Cocina in Española (among others). We were mostly just excited so many of you wrote to say hi!

We also asked about holiday traditions, and some of you have some great stuff going down this time of year.

Fork reader Amy says that she and her husband host an annual Hanukkah party during which guests are invited to craft creative latkes such as beet or goat cheese. Apparently their "house smells like oil for more than eight days," which is a totally solid Hanukkah joke, Amy.

Meanwhile, reader Wendy says that a full-blown dairy allergy has spurred some fairly interesting challenges among her holiday pals (apparently restaurants around here have pretty weak-ass dairy-free options) like grilled artichokes with dairy-free aioli, turkey injected with red chile molasses sauce and Brussels sprouts cooked with maple sugar, fresh ginger and quinoa. What!? Damn, Wendy, can we come by your house this year?

Which brings us to the big question of the week: What might one gift a fan of cooking or baking this year? Let's stick with a budget of oh, say, $25 ….. aaaaaaaaaaaand GO!