Dearly beloved, I won’t beat about the croquembouche: I’m leaving you. It’s not you, it’s me. I have too much on my plate, so I’m passing The Fork on to another hungry eater who will feed you tons of juicy food news!
It has been such a pleasure to eat and write for you over the past year. I had so much fun discovering great restaurants that lived up to the hype, like State Capital Kitchen and Arroyo Vino. I loved talking to local chefs about how they make their magic, like Back Street Bistro’s David Jacoby and his matzo ball soup. It was great to talk to Sllin Cruz about the bittersweetness of being named executive chef at Geronimo after Eric DiStefano passed away. And I sniffled with you as we said goodbye to old friends like Mu Jing Lao of Mu Du Noodles. Just last week I laughed my ass off at your Trumptail recipes for drinking the political news away. It’s been good times!

Plus, I'm not really going anywhere. I'll still be popping up in the paper. Remember, last year I wrote stories about judicial reform, local fallout from the financial crisis, a photographic history of the Rio Grande and a burgeoning Native food movement. And right now I'm working on a better-than-ever edition of our Annual Manual. (Got ideas for things we should include in that keepsake issue? Send them to

Now please give a warm welcome to Michael J Wilson, who is taking my place! He's got a great piece about meat pies in this week's paper. From now on when you contact The Fork you'll be talking to Michael. Be nice. Send him all your restaurant review recommendations, announcements about food events and other tips and tidbits. On to the next course!

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