There's this weird thing people do where they say they're "busy" when they actually are just implying they're "important." We do it, you do it—it's getting old. You guys know what we should all do? Take a damn weekend. Enjoy some art or music. Eat something weird. Revel in the spoils of freedom—the world will still be there when we're all done. Boom ... here's those weekend picks.

The group art exhibit features works inspired by this Western gypsy rock band, the musicians perform among the works in a unique conceptual event.

This thematic installation showcases digital works including pieces by Lynn Horseman Leeson, Eduardo Kac and more.

The sound of New Orleans comes to Santa Fe with jazz and blues from Marcia Ball, preceded by one of Santa Fe's favorite march-around-like-crazy-people party bands.

Get serenaded with romantic accordion, guitar and vocals.

Celebrate your favorite Bowie hits as they're performed by some of Santa Fe's favorite musicians.

Americana, jazz, beards and banjos courtesy of local music blog Mecca Lecca.

With material ranging from contemporary to historic, antique to modern this huge exhibit including work from over 70 galleries offers paintings, sculpture, and fine art. See furniture, books, fashion, jewelry, textiles, and tribal, folk, American Indian, African, and Asian art.

Americana and vintage jazz. Wear some suspenders and a bowler hat, would ya?

Mexican roots and Norteño tunes at Duel Brewing. (For the record, they have one hell of a pretzel, but they're usually out by this time on a weekend—but just let it be known. Good pretzel.)

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