Chicago-born, Santa Fe-raised Mickey Dolan is an actor on the New Mexico-filmed Netflix TV series Daybreak, a zombie thriller following a cast of high school misfits as they try to survive endless waves of ghoulies. Dolan has been cast in smaller roles in films like Sicario 2 and shows like Get Shorty, but with his first major role as Gary the golf jock, Dolan spends time tormenting the protagonist as his clan scours the infested wasteland.

What does the growing film industry mean for New Mexico?

Obviously people have heard of Netflix buying Albuquerque Studios out, as well as NBC Universal building a studio in Albuquerque. I feel like ever since Breaking Bad, the film industry has kind of boomed for tourism, bringing in more films, and just created a positive trend for New Mexico. Netflix is investing heavily in the next 10 years into New Mexico film. I think it's going to be very positive, because it puts New Mexico on the map, and not only the state, but actors and filmmakers too. It's great for everybody.

Has this lead to more success in your career living in Santa Fe?

Daybreak is my first big role, so I'm excited to see where this leads my career as an actor. It's amazing seeing the support that I'm receiving from all around the world—places like Argentina and Brazil messaging me on how they laughed and loved my scenes. It's pretty cool, and I hope it leads to more stuff.

Does the New Mexico landscape provide a fitting atmosphere for the show Daybreak?

Yeah. I think New Mexico really complimented the show, because it's a desolated, dry wasteland. It's the perfect place for Daybreak to be, and it was really fun filming it, being in New Mexico, and not having to travel far from home and getting to do what I love. It's kind of perfect.