ith natural settings second to none, an environment that intrinsically promotes creativity, more movie seats per capita than most major metropolitan areas and a steady stream of events like the upcoming Independent Film Festival, New Mexico and Santa Fe in particular are ripe for film making. Local director Luca Ceccarelli knows this, and has recently upped the ante with the launch of

—destination for filmmakers to share ideas, perfect their craft and build community.

What is the reality of being a filmmaker in New Mexico?

The reality is that it's an amazing place to develop content and it's a great place to shoot. The missing link has always been that it's not ideal for financing.

What does thedirectorsedge.com represent?

It's an online enrichment resource for emerging and established directors that aims to help them perfect their process, protect their vision and be ready to rock when the camera rolls.

What was the genesis of the idea?

Basically, directing is my passion and it's been my career mandate since I was a kid, so I'm really well steeped in both acting and directing and also writing, story and structure. As I was getting ready to step up my career as a director and was developing a short film called Eve Angelic, I kind of wanted to take my process to the next level, started poking around online for a director's resource and none of them quite hit the mark for what I was looking for.