Julia Goldberg wears many hats, and she wears them well. This week, SFR’s former editor kicks off “The Julia Goldberg Morning Show” on 101.5 FM. The showgram, airing M-F from 8-10 am, focuses on news as well as culture, and includes regular guests like yours truly.

How is your radio show different?

I think it will have a little more emphasis on news and politics than other Santa Fe morning shows and, most importantly, it will be a call-in show aimed at really giving Santa Feans a dedicated place to share their opinions and ideas on local issues.

Will you resort to any morning radio zoo tactics?
Not intentionally. I'm probably not completely familiar with those tactics, but if you mean celebrity pranking and hyper-aggressive sound effects, definitely not. We're trying to steer clear of cookie-cutter approaches and will be always trying to build a show that is Santa Fe-based, whether it's the topics, the guests, the humor, the gestalt, etc. So, I don't think we'll rely too heavily on typical morning show shtick. That's not really Santa Fe, I don't think.

Who is your radio personality muse?
I don't know if I'd call him my muse, but I grew up listening to Howard Stern. At the time, his show was much more about yanking elected officials' chains and less about sexual innuendo. I don't think I'll be channeling Howard Stern exactly, but I admire muckrakers, so hopefully I'll be able to carry on a bit of that tradition.