Meow Wolf announces Los Angeles location slated for 2026

“We want it to be a part of the city’s ongoing narrative of growth,” CEO says

Mere weeks after laying off more than 100 employees across its locations in New Mexico, Texas, Nevada and Colorado, arts corporation Meow Wolf today announced its plans to open a new location in Los Angeles in 2026.

Los Angeles would mark the sixth such perma-installation for Meow Wolf, including Santa Fe’s House of Eternal Return, Denver’s Convergence Station, Las Vegas, Nevada’s Omega Mart and Grapevine, Texas’ The Real Unreal—plus a forthcoming fifth location in Houston.

“For years we’ve made trips to Los Angeles, dreaming of creating something in its layered and ever-changing network of creativity. LA is more than a physical place; it extends deep into the global landscape of human imagination, constantly pushing its own bounds,” Meow Wolf co-founder and Senior Creative Director of Meow Wolf Los Angeles Sean Di Ianni says in a statement from the company. “Meow Wolf Los Angeles will stretch these cinematic horizons by weaving together an unpredictable tapestry of art, story and interactivity.”

CEO Jose Tolosa says the company wants “to be a part of the city’s ongoing narrative of growth. Being in Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world, we’re humbled to add to the dynamic interplay between art and entertainment here.”

Tolosa recently made waves within the company and beyond after announcing sweeping cuts across the board, including the aforementioned layoffs; 10% salary cuts for himself and other corporate employees; travel cost reductions totaling roughly $1 million; and a smaller financial commitment to the Meow Wolf Foundation, among other measures. No Meow Wolf location was spared cuts, including Santa Fe, where 29 employees lost their jobs.

“Over the past three years, we’ve developed a better understanding of our guests and what we need to staff and support our exhibitions in order to make the most of the growth opportunities ahead,” Tolosa said last month in a statement ahead of those layoffs.

There is no word yet on staffing for Meow Wolf’s proposed new California location, though the layoff process for 55 employees at the company’s Los Vegas location is still ongoing as the Meow Wolf Workers Collective union negotiates those terms.

“Meow Wolf is dedicated to growing thoughtfully and sustainably. Our recent restructuring is informed by our first hand understanding of staffing and market needs,” Meow Wolf’s Vice President of Public Relations Kati Murphy tells SFR of opening a new location following a round of layoffs. “In our mission to deliver groundbreaking experiences, we will always refine our approach as we gain insights. Looking forward, we’re excited to bring our experiences—not just to Los Angeles, but to other cities as well. This growth is crucial not just for expansion; it’s essential for continuing to employ the artists and storytellers who bring our worlds to life.”

The MWWC has yet to make a statement on the Los Angeles location. In response to last month’s mass layoffs, however, Union President Roz Rosvold told SFR that, “We believe the company knows it’s violating the collective bargaining agreement and are doing it anyway. There is a process outlined in our agreement by which they must handle layoffs and they’re not engaging in that process.”

Meow Wolf, however, defended its position, saying in a statement at the time that “the final decision regarding a layoff rests with Meow Wolf.”

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