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SFR Picks—Week of March 13

Leo Gonzales does more than tattoos, Pisces get dancing, Gabriella Marks and Mark Berndt go photog-a-photog and Glorieta Pines shrieks “Erin go bragh!”

Heavy Mettle

Artist Leo Gonzales is well-known as a tattooer—turns out he’s been painting the whole time, too

“I was painting well before I was tattooing,” says Albuquerque-based artist and tattooer Leo Gonzales. “I’ve probably been painting for…coming up on 35 years.”

Indeed, though in New Mexico Gonzales might best be known as an -accomplished tattooer at ABQ shop Stay Gold, his painterly journey stretches back to early appreciation for the likes of Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell and the sorts of artists you might have seen in Heavy Metal magazine or in books like the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual.

Gonzales is an art school dropout, a mostly-self-taught oil painter, a bit of a TTRPG nerd (look it up; become a nerd) and a longtime lover of dark themes. His upcoming show Summonings at KEEP Contemporary encapsulates it all. Culling from the rich history of fantasy art, a -little bit of the ol’ Lovecraftian unknowable cosmic horror and a healthy dash of the tattoo world’s biomechanical design, Summonings finds multiple new oil-on-board pieces from Gonzales coming together.

Strange hooded beings worship at the foot of a tree; a manticore roars imposingly; a phoenix is reborn. Each is a detailed world of swirling colors and layered texture and meaning. Summonings also serves as a statement on Gonzales’ next chapter: fewer days tattooing and more working in his home studio.

“[Painting] gives me an escape from what I do as a tattooer, even if some of the subject matter carries over from time to time,” he tells SFR. “It’s a total departure from what I’m doing with tattoo, and I’d like the audience to interpret what the pieces mean.”

That means you’ll have to go check ‘em out at KEEP this week. Fantasy, RPG and video game fans? You’ve been told. (Alex De Vore)

Leo Gonzales: Summonings: 5-7 pm Friday, March 15. Free. KEEP Contemporary, 125 Lincoln Ave., (505) 557-9574

Hey, Fishfaces!

Surely the dance and DJ lovers in town know that when they see names like Feathericci and/or Bacon, they can count on a certain level of quality. Paul Feathericci and Ben Wright have been playing shows in Santa Fe for decades, in fact, and they’ve always brought the heat with techno, house and minimalist electronic dance jamz (minimalist when compared to EDM, anyway). This week, they’ll bring that heat to La Reina and the El Rey Court as part of an ongoing monthly Zodiac-themed residency. This month? Pisces. “I think at my most selfish core, I have a need to perform,” Feathericci tells SFR. “But I also feel like if you want your town to be cooler, just do it. Be part of what makes your town cooler.” Yeah, these boys have certainly done that since way back. Join them, won’t you? (ADV)

Pisces Party with DJs Fearthericci and Bacon: 8-11 pm Saturday, March 16. Free. El Rey Court, 1862 Cerrillos Road, (505) 982-1931

Oh, Snap

When it comes to Santa Fe photography, you simply must be aware of shooter Gabriella Marks. She’s a portrait expert, an studied eye, an all-around champ. Similarly, you must also know about Canyon Road’s Edition One Gallery opened by Pilar Law and Mark Berndt, themselves no strangers to the art of photo. This week, it all comes together at Leicas & Scotch, an ongoing conversational event featuring Berndt discussing all things process and product with photogs like Marks. “It’s partly about the journey, partly about the psychology of the art,” Marks says, adding that there will be a Q&A after the talk. “It’s about creating a portrait with somebody as opposed to of somebody.” In summation, Leicas & Scotch is celebratory, but also a nuts and bolts thing. Neat! (ADV)

Leicas & Scotch: Gabriella Marks: 3 pm Sunday, March 17. Free. Edition One Gallery, 729 Canyon Road, (505) 982-9668

In the Pines

If St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t quite feel complete without a traditional Irish music session and Guinness--fueled dancing, local act Glorieta Pines is set to bring just that to the Tumbleroot Brewery & Distillery stage for the second year in a row. Traditional music from various cultures is a big part of the band’s musical repertoire; while fans best know the trio for their insightful acoustic songwriting driven by hypnotic beats and rich harmonies, Irish reels are in their blood. Sure, you could get loaded at any bar in town, but consider transcending into the streets of Dublin with Glorieta Pines. “If it’s anything like last year, it’s going to be a great dance party,” guitarist Brian Nelson tells SFR. (Adam Ferguson)

St. Patrick’s Day at Tumbleroot: 5-8 pm Sunday, March 17. $10 (kids free). Tumbleroot Brewery & Distillery, 2791 Agua Fría St., (505) 308-3808

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