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SFR Picks—Week of Jan. 24

Travel through dimensions, quaff a beer, down some soup and say hey to Jude Brothers

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Time After Time

Filmmaker Rachel Noll’s Ingress hits the Jean Cocteau Cinema for one night only

Contrary to popular belief, the concept of a multiverse in popular culture was neither created by, perfected or even close to fully explored by companies like Meow Wolf or Marvel. Is there real-world work in physics to support the theory? Yes. Is it fun to consider in book or movie form? Also yes. And there’s an entire world of multiversal film, TV, video games and books to explore (2013 game Bioshock Infinite, for example, or Matt Haig’s 2020 book The Midnight Library just for starters, plus lots of comic books, too).

In recent film form, we can turn to Ingress from Washington state-based filmmaker and former Santa Fean Rachel Noll James. In short, the film finds its lead facing the death of her husband but, with the power to traverse parallel realities, she sets out to find a timeline where he’s still alive. It’s the sort of thing any one of us might do in similar circumstances, but a reminder that just because one aspect of existence seems better doesn’t mean the rest will be, too. Hurt is a part of life and is valuable, even though it’s so horrendous when it’s fresh.

“I think the movie will surprise you and challenge you and make you feel something,” James tells SFR. “What I’ve heard from people is they’ll talk about it for hours and…I think there are a lot of ways people have been interpreting it.”

Like many in film, James gave the Los Angeles thing a shot earlier in her career. But when she suffered burnout, she headed to the Pacific Northwest, where Ingress was filmed. She wrote, directed and stars in the movie, which also features Oppenheimer actor Tim DeKay among others.

“I would say the story is rooted in my life and expanded to the furthest reaches of my imagination,” James says. “It’s a very personal story for me.”

Hear more from James in a talkback session following the screening this week. (Alex De Vore)

Ingress Screening and Talkback: 7 pm Thursday, Jan. 25. $10-$12. Jean Cocteau Cinema, 418 Montezuma Ave., (505) 466-5528

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Suds and Buds

New Mexico loves beer in a legendary way. Like, how and why does our state have so many craft brewers? The correct answer is “Who cares? It rules.” So, when the New Mexico Brewers Guild throws together a whole heaping mess-load of ‘em to show off their stuff, folks who like to knock back a brewski or two should take notice. Enter Winterbrew 2024, a gathering that features new and familiar concoctions from 16 breweries, including: Bosque, Beer Creek, Marble, La Cumbre, Red River, Tumbleroot, Second Street and Bathtub. Tickets include samples from each brewer, plus a pint of your favorite and a glass to take home. You’ll have to be 21, obviously, and we strongly suggest arranging a ride. (ADV)

Winterbrew 2024: 6 pm Friday, Jan. 26. $35-$45. Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Pavilion,

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Soup’s On

Are you looking for soup? Soup for your family? If you are, in fact, looking for soup, everyone knows (or should know) that there’s no greater event to get soupin’ than The Food Depot’s annual Souper Bowl fundraising event. Now hitting its 28th iteration, the local food bank’s soup-heavy party features more than two-dozen chefs crafting their very best soups for your perusal. Enjoy dishes like butternut squash and coconut from San Francisco Street Bar & Grill; porcini mushroom with smoked shiitake chimichurri from Catch Poke; corn chowder from Tibet Kitchen and so many more; plus, you’ll be supporting a good cause. Last we checked, too, there are tons of tickets left, including VIPs—and that means skippin’ lines for your soupy pleasure. (ADV)

Souper Bowl XXXVIII: 11 am-2 pm Saturday, Jan. 27. $30-$100. Santa Fe Community Convention Center, 201 W Marcy St.,

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Hey, Jude

Surely there’s many a Santa Fean who recalls formerly local songwriter Jude Brothers. Perhaps for their work with superband Storming the Beaches With Logos in Hand? A once-beloved solo career that spanned genres, instrumentation and collaborations? That last part is kind of Brothers’ deal these days, though their upcoming Santa Fe show at Midtown DIY space Ghost focuses on going solo with a harp for indie-folk melodies that cull from country and folk traditions and age-old beautiful melodies. Brothers is a wild singer, too, what with their studied range and next-level ability to emote. You’re gonna feel it. (ADV)

Jude Brothers with Creekbed Carter and The Little Tulips: 7 pm Wednesday Jan. 31. $10 suggested donation (no one turned away). Ghost, 2889 Trades West Road,

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