--2 Folk Art Independence
May 27, 2016
Rebecca Lolosoli of Kenya, founder of Umaja Uaso, created traditional Samburu bead work

Folk Art Independence

A Day About Independence, Not Grilling

June 29, 2010, 12:00 am
By Caroline K Gorman
Here’s a thought: Instead of spending the Fourth of July gorging on hotdogs and growing delirious on repetitions of "I’m So Proud to Be An American," why don’t you celebrate independence around the world?  

The Museum of International Folk Arts kicks off International Folk Arts Week on Sunday with the inauguration of the Gallery of Conscience.  But it’s the reception inside the gallery that really celebrates independence.

"Empowering Women: Cooperatives that Transform Communities" is a panel discussion featuring women from over 10 different cooperatives worldwide. Some cooperatives,  like Kenya’s Umoja Uaso, have unfortunately unpronounceable names, but perhaps by attending you can become an American who can actually pronounce them foreign words. These cooperatives bring women together to create traditional arts, including Laotian weaving, Bolivian bromeliad bags and more.

Their work allows these women to provide for themselves, their education, their children and their communities. That’s a real lesson in independence. 

Empowering Women: Artisan Cooperatives that Transform Communities

Opening 1-4 pm Sunday, July 4

Through Jan.  2, 2011

Museum of International Folk Art 
706 Camino Lejo


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