Feb. 26, 2017

Best Playground for Children 2008

—And Adults Who Act Like Children

July 23, 2008, 12:00 am
1 Genoveva Chavez Community Center
3221 Rodeo Road

After many years of seeing Think Rink bumper stickers, eight years ago Santa Fe finally got its community center complete with an NHL-size ice rink, basketball courts, an Olympic-sized lap pool and a workout gym. After devoting an entire year to upgrades, maintenance and repair, the GC3 also added new hires to the ice, fitness center and facility. So what can we expect for the upcoming year? New facility hours are already in place to assure that early birds and night owls can fit some exercise into their busy schedules as early as 5:30 am and as late as 10 pm throughout the week. And the new Little Bouncers Program stresses proper fitness for younger kids. Older kids still revel in fun after-school camps, summer camps, sports camps and the best school-closure-day camps. Martin Lujan, assistant division director, gushes, “Our success is dependent on our hardworking, great staff.” He concludes, “As we’ve transitioned, it’s given an opportunity for each section of the center to redefine.”

2 Fort Marcy Recreation Center / Magers Field
490 Washington Ave.

Salvador Perez Park
601 Alta Vista St.


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