Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

for the week of May 8, 2024

Jordan Isaacson

Cover story, April 24: “Restaurant Guide 2024

Our pleasure


A whole issue dedicated to local food! Even better: a whole issue dedicated to local food without ANY profanity! Really!!! Not a solitary offensive expletive!! Pages and pages…329 reviews by my count (but I’m still dizzy from the stellar, dazzling content)…302 of them within our city limits, 27 within easy driving distance…Restaurant history only a long time local would know, knowledgeable food reviews, fun facts, house specialty highlights. The whole issue is a great big hug to all our local restaurant people and all the hard work they do to keep us coming back...In print it’s sectioned out by the different areas of town (even helping the tourists...impressive).

Whoever is responsible…because there’s got to be one person at the helm because it’s so...DANG... good...I owe you lunch, my favorite guilty pleasure that I won’t name here because...shhhhhhhhhhhh..it’s THAT good.

Glenda Murphy

Pecos NM


I’ll even iron the shirt for the guy on the cover.


Thank you for taking my mind off the whole world, even our Santa Fe, melting down in front of us.

Morning Word, May 2: ”Deep Cuts from The Curse


I realize many people use profanity and think it’s just fine. I would expect that a journalist would have a decent enough vocabulary to not use offensive words in a story. I understand that you are quoting someone, but perhaps you could find a way to NOT include the profanity.

Linda J Mares

Santa Fe

Arts, May 1: “Books and Blossoms


The article on O’Keeffe’s library misspells gaol as goal. The former is just the old spelling of jail in the UK; the latter of course is for soccer (or football—another UKism). I lived there for three years as a young fellow and had a lot of wordplay fun with the blokes. Thank you.

Peter B. Ives


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