Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Cover, March 6: “Long Burn”

Infinite care required

Thanks for the heart-rending article on the Mora fire. Residents lost not only homes, fields, forests, but long-term peace of mind. Part of trauma is how one is treated afterwards. Has the Forest Service ever apologized? Do they take any meaningful responsibility, such as being infinitely more careful about prescribed burns? Do they actually care?

Anna Katherine, Santa Fe

News, March 7:“PED Adopts 180-day Rule”

Lost control

The working people of New Mexico have spoken: we do not want a mandated extended school year or to lose control of our local school districts and governing boards. We need reduced class size, more educational assistants/support in the classroom and increased professional development & planning time. Educators know these strategies will best improve academic performance. As a 33-year social studies teacher and local union president, I will continue to organize to improve and reimagine what our schools can be someday.

Wendy Leighton, Santa Fe

Letters, Feb. 28: “Fire them”

The people

It is not antisemitic to speak out against the ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people. The Israeli Defense Force continues to murder innocent men, women and children with zeal and enthusiasm. Where is the Palestinian Air-Force? Where is the Palestinian Navy? And where is the Palestinian Army to defend these innocent people? There is none, only a rag- tag band of resistance fighters who continue to resist the occupation of Palestine. Let us not forget that the Palestinian people are also Semitic.

Liam Watson, Santa Fe

Letters to the Editor

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