Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Online, Jan. 24: “Three Gun Safety Bills Clear First Committee”

Tell them you want it

New Mexico requires background checks for all lawful firearm purchases. A federal law gives the seller three days to complete the background check. Sellers who cannot meet this deadline are free to transfer the firearm anyway. In 2021, 5, 203 firearms were transferred to prohibited persons because of delays in background checks. A waiting period law in New Mexico would provide additional time to complete the background checks, making current background checks far more effective. It would also help stave off “heat of the moment” purchases motivated by suicidal thoughts or desires for revenge. Rep. Andrea Romero has introduced a bill that would impose a fourteen day waiting period between purchase and transfer of a firearm. The bill includes several well-tailored exceptions. Research shows that waiting periods make a difference. Tell your legislators to support this sensible safety measure.

Stephanie Feldman, Member of The Alliance for Gun Violence Solutions

The Fork, Jan. 18: “Five Things We Wish We Knew Before Eating Real Burger”


I am compelled to write and address an important issue. While I understand this column is meant to be irreverent and zany, I find the “Super Hitler” reference to be unnecessary, offensive, potentially dangerous and an example of self serving shoddy journalism…We are living in precarious times, where geopolitical and religious and racial tensions out of our control have widespread ramifications for many people on all sides of the discourse. This in addition to the gun violence that has been perpetrated in places of worship. I support the Santa Fe Reporter, I support progressive and intelligent journalism, I support freedom of speech. I also support the Reporter offering an explanation, a retraction and an apology to the community at large.

Baikal Harris, Santa Fe

Avoid casual refs

I am writing to express my deep concern about the recent restaurant review of Real Burger…specifically the reference to Adolf Hitler. While I acknowledge the intended humor of the comparison, I believe it crossed a line into territory that is historically insensitive, deeply hurtful to all oppressed communities and potentially dangerous when laid on the backdrop of the rise and acceptance of hate in our country.

The Nazi regime and its leader represent a period of unparalleled human suffering, marked by systematic torture, genocide, and the utter disregard for basic human dignity. Trivializing their actions by making lighthearted comparisons is not only offensive but also diminishes the historical weight and ongoing impact of their horrors. The use and attribution of such language by and to journalists of a reputable publication like The Santa Fe Reporter falls short of the standards of professionalism and sensitivity expected from a community news source.

Casual references to Hitler and Nazi ideology can have unintended consequences. They can normalize hate speech and perpetuate negative associations that contribute to ongoing prejudice and discrimination against marginalized communities. We must be mindful of the words we choose and the messages they convey, particularly when referencing such sensitive and impactful topics.

I urge you to address this issue head-on. Holding the writer accountable for their insensitive remarks is important, but I believe there’s an opportunity to go further. Consider taking this moment to educate both staff and readers on the importance of using language responsibly and thoughtfully.

I am passionate about combating hate speech and fostering awareness. If you are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the issue, I would be happy to facilitate a conversation with the Anti-Defamation League, who offer educational resources and support on these matters.

Harlan S. Blynn, Denver


I am writing in horror with my hands shaking over the use of “Super-Hitler” in The Fork. This would be absolutely horrendous at any time, but even more so in light of 1,200 Jews having been massacred in Israel less than four months ago with 132 innocent civilians still being held hostage, including a baby who just had his 1st birthday in captivity in an underground tunnel. Shame on the author of this tasteless article and on everyone else involved who allowed this antisemitic trash to be published. Never again is now and it is not humorous.

Stephanie Rosen, Santa Fe

Cover, Jan. 24: “Hands on”

Ask the experts

I really liked this. Who knew there was so much expertise at our own SFCC? Loved reading about all the different faculty.

Marilyn Barnes, Santa Fe


Help recruit 911 workers

Did you know that vacancy rates in 911 dispatch centers and police agencies are, on average, more than 20% and 10% of those employed have not yet been certified (required training), threatening local 24/7 emergency response? These conditions increase response times, and public safety staff may arrive exhausted due to long shifts. We can’t effectively address crime under these conditions. Senate Bill 13, entitled “Public Safety Recruitment Bureau,” sponsored by Sen. Antonio Maestas is stalled in the Senate [Committees Committee] despite a good deal of legislative support.

SB13 provides funding and innovative solutions, including a media campaign to reach youth, women and minorities, and social media strategies. Over 100 police agencies supported centralized recruiting in a recent survey. Santa Fe Police, Sheriff, and our small local agencies don’t have time, resources, or expertise to launch effective recruiting campaigns. This bill will professionalize aggressive outreach inside NM and to surrounding states, complementing and leveraging local recruiting efforts. We need more and better qualified people to pursue careers in public safety. SB 13 also supports retention and professional development for our public safety workforce. Please contact the governor’s office: governor.state.nm.us, click on “contact”, fill out the form, and email the Governor asking her to Please message the Senate her support for SB13 “Public Safety Recruitment Bureau.”

Your help is needed urgently if this bill is to be heard. These resources are desperately needed to make a difference in community safety and resiliency.

Rachel Feldman, Chair, Civil Rights & Criminal Justice Reform Committee, Indivisible SOS Santa Fe

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