Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


7 Days, Aug. 30:

We can’t forget

The 7 Days headline read: “NEW SANTA FE AIRPORT MANAGER SAYS THINGS ARE LOOKING GOOD.” Hopefully he’ll overcome that hurdle where people are all like, “There’s an airport in Santa Fe?”” For the airport’s commercial and residential neighbors, forgetting that the airport exists is an impossibility—and our protections seem to be eroding fast. The City of Santa Fe has removed the official noise abatement policy, which stipulates reasonable quiet hours and discourages disrespectful pilot activity, from its website. The policy, as well as the airport’s noise complaint hotline number, are also conspicuously absent from the airport’s website, flysantafe.com.The decision to conceal this information from the public sends two clear signals: Community protections matter little to city leadership, and being a good neighbor is not a priority for our airport’s new management.

Kate McCahill, Santa Fe

Online, Sept. 9:Fire & Hops to Close Permanently

There’s a reason

Santa Fe, in the ‘90s, was full of younger people from all over who embraced working in fine dining and we could actually afford to live in Santa Fe proper. You can blame the lack of affordable housing and various other socioeconomic disparities on the attraction being gone. This is sadly a reap-what-you-sow issue.

Mona Mangham, via Facebook

More bad news

Santa Fe is a dying town as far as a place where actual humans live and work and go out.

Debbie Jaramillo was right.

Michael Clay Mills, via Facebook

Way sad

Super bummed. Love this place.

Virginia Bell-Pringle, via Facebook

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