Letters to the Editor

for the week of May 15, 2024

Cover story, May 8: “Shock Value

It’s the Climate

The statement quoted from Carlos Garcia of Garcia Infiniti, “We have clean air…” and framing this as a “directive from highly educated experts they (New Mexicans) don’t identify with at all” is straight from the conservative propaganda playbook—framing climate change as some ploy by “coastal elites.”

Suggesting the issue is about clean air is disingenuous at best. The issue is that we are in a steep acceleration of climate crisis caused by humans pumping way too much carbon into the atmosphere. This is an emergency and we have to take drastic steps now to safeguard our future. We failed to act over the last 50 years and Mr. Garcia’s industry bears huge responsibility.

There are inadequacies in the move away from fossil fuels and we will have to refine our infrastructure and our EV and battery technology as we go. But failure to act will leave an environment unable to support future generations.

Craig Cheatham

Santa Fe

Very well written, with a lot of good content. I’ve been a happy EV driver for five years now and I’m sick of all the negative pushback based on so much misinformation. Yes, there is a downside right now, but the infrastructure has improved at a pace far faster than I expected when I bought mine—even in New Mexico.

I think of the horse traders who fought so vainly against the automobile 115 years ago.

—David Gunter via Facebook

News, May 1: “Content Crucible

The kids are alright

Adding Norwegian Wood to my reading list and will be putting it in Little Free Library to spread the love.

— santafe_adventures via Instagram

These students have more sense than 80% of the population of this town. Good for them.

—ice_bears_swim_in_stars via Instagram

Food, May 8: “To a Tea

Chew on this

I learned about the new Teahouse menu reading Alex’s article.

No loaded oatmeal and so many favorites are lost.

I appreciate Alex’s writing skills and his honesty re the mediocre food.

I do not see comfort food on the menu. I see odd hipster ethnic food. Trying to chase Jambo?

Nothing for me on the menu with the exception of soup and salad.

At this time of chaos and turmoil I want to lean on the familiar and comforting. Sadly, I do not think or feel that way about The Teahouse.

David Mack

Santa Fe

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