SFR’s Next Era

Newspaper owners seek local buyer

In just a few months, the Santa Fe Reporter will celebrate 50 years as the capital city’s alternative weekly newspaper. That’s a half-century of seriously consequential news and culture coverage. And we aren’t about to slow down.

Yet, just as the last five decades have witnessed change—including the advent of the internet and a new model for reader support—this one will bring new and exciting innovation and, yes, a shift in leadership, too.

As of today, Editor and Publisher Julie Ann Grimm turns over the reins to Julia Goldberg, the paper’s longest-serving staff member. Grimm has been at the helm of SFR since 2013, when she joined the staff as editor after more than a decade of reporting for the Associated Press and the Santa Fe New Mexican. A few years later, she took on the duties of publisher as well.

“It’s been an incredible privilege and honor to create and grow with the Reporter,” Grimm says. “I’m so grateful to everyone who has trusted us to tell their stories and has followed along with our coverage as we’ve tried to shine a light and keep the community connected. This is a vital organization and I know it has a bright future.”

Goldberg began at SFR as an intern in the 1990s, then served as its editor from 2000 to 2011. After several years of teaching at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design and the Santa Fe Community College, publishing a book and hosting a radio show, she returned to the staff in 2019 as senior correspondent, writing the Morning Word newsletter each weekday and providing award-winning coverage on COVID-19, the arts and politics.

SFR’s legend began in 1974, when the late Richard McCord and his then-wife Laurie Knowles bought a weekly shopper and transformed it into an indispensable news source. In 1988, Hope Aldrich purchased SFR, operating as its publisher until 1997, when journalists Richard Meeker and Mark Zusman, owners of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Willamette Week in Portland, Oregon, purchased SFR.

Now, as Meeker and Zusman embark on a new project in Oregon, they are actively seeking a New Mexico buyer to become the fourth generation of SFR stewards.

SFR has survived—even thrived—thanks to a long list of staff and contributors; advertisers; philanthropic grants and everyday donors. Even during the worst of the pandemic, its free weekly newspaper and daily weekday Morning Word continued to inform and enlighten readers.

“Happily, in these challenging times, the Santa Fe Reporter is in good health, both journalistically and financially,” Meeker says. “The pandemic taught us an important lesson in the changing media landscape—both in Portland and here in Santa Fe: Today local, independent ownership is the real key to success in the newspaper business. We are making this public announcement in the hopes it will attract interest from residents of Santa Fe.”

At Goldberg’s side for the ongoing mission is solid team of dedicated locals:

Advertising Director Robyn Desjardins supports SFR’s journalism by helping local businesses reach the audience.

Culture Editor Alex De Vore is a versatile and award-winning critic who reviews movies, food, visual and performing arts

Art Director Anson Stevens-Bollen is the award-winning creative mind behind SFR’s amazing original illustrations. He directs photography, maps and information graphics to present alternate entry points for stories.

Staff Writer Evan Chandler, who recently wrapped gavel-to-gavel coverage of the criminal trial against Rust movie-set armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, also writes about City Hall, public safety and the Southside.

Staff Writer/Calendar Editor Mo Charnot covers education, including Santa Fe Public Schools, the state Public Education Department and higher education in the region.

Digital Services Manager Brianna Kirkland, a graduate from the Santa Fe Community College Media Arts Department, manages the SFR website and email newsletter production.

Circulation Director Andy Bramble has made sure issues hit the streets everywhere, every Wednesday for more than 15 years.

Advertising Executive Zoe Whittle helps customers with low-cost advertising in the classified section and on SFR’s famous Back Page.

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