In conjunction with today’s One Billion Rising events, SFUAD students Lucy Madeline and Maddi Knox performed Women Braiding Their Hair Together—a performance piece and video installation where both women braided one another’s hair as an expression of female solidarity.

The press release describes the symbolic significance of hair and of braiding: “Hair references prosperity, strength, and social status.”

The actual braiding lasted at most five minutes—just enough time to leave an impression, but not too long to bore the audience. During the performance, looping audio was played defining the word “braid,” and going into further detail about the symbolic implications of braiding someone’s hair. This audio accompaniment strengthened the piece and made the experience more expansive, as opposed to merely watching two women braid each others’ hair in silence.
SFR went over to the Railyard to snap some photographs of the event.

All images by Robert Sobel