In Brief

The Santa Fe Reporter has hired Staff Writer Alexa Schirtzinger as its new editor beginning in June.

Schirtzinger is a graduate of Dartmouth College and of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism (2008). During the interim, Schirtzinger served as a Peace Corps volunteer in El Salvador and worked as a dive master in Honduras before moving to Taos, NM, to work as a ski instructor and white-water rafting guide.

Before joining the Reporter's staff in 2009, Schirtzinger also worked for Audubon Magazine in New York and for the Dallas Observer, an alt.weekly newspaper in Dallas, Texas.

"Alexa is an extremely bright, hard-working and talented writer, whose ideas and journalism have played a major role in shaping the Reporter since she joined the staff two years ago as a staff writer," outgoing Editor Julia Goldberg writes in an email to SFR. "I know under her direction, the paper will both continue to grow in print and online, and continue its emphasis on both hard-hitting news, as well as engaging cultural coverage."

Publisher Andy Dudzik also expresses enthusiasm about potential new directions for the Reporter.

"Apart from her boundless energy, intelligence and passion for journalism, Alexa is one of those rare people who sees challenges as opportunities instead of obstacles," Dudzik writes in an email. "That is absolutely key as we head into a digital future that's changing the way we consume news and information. [Schirtzinger] is going to be instrumental in the Reporter's transformation from a print-only newspaper to a multimedia publication accessible on many different platforms."

Schirtzinger tells SFR that she is honored and looks forward to working with the Reporter's enthusiastic and talented staff.

"I am thrilled to have this opportunity to transform the Reporter into an even better publication than it already is," Schirtzinger says. "I eagerly welcome suggestions from our community and readership as to how we can better serve Santa Fe."
Schirtzinger also mentioned that her last name is pronounced "shirt"—as in the article of clothing—"zinger."

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