Fashion Passion

Students from SFCC's Design Program throw a fashion show

Students in the

Santa Fe Community College Fashion Design Program

have been spending long hours in front of their sewing machines. They're preparing designs for a premiere at the

SFCC Student Fashion Show

this Friday evening.---

This weekend,

17 design students

experience their first real fashion show.

The event is the brainchild of Samantha McDermott-Goldie, a third-semester student in the Design Program.

"It started out as an idea between myself and a friend. I sort of took the reins of the whole thing," McDermott-Goldie says. "I've organized the space, the wiring, the models, the photographers, the people who do the hair and the makeup. It takes a lot of people to get something like this together."

The Design Program at SFCC is the only accredited program of its type in any public school statewide

. Over 100 students are enrolled in the program, studying everything from computer design modeling to illustrating techniques to the history of fabric-making.

"The show is great in that it showcases all sorts of students' work," McDermott-Goldie says. "We've got students from all levels of experience. From those just starting out…all the way up to design student."

McDermott-Goldie, who will display at least two pieces from her collection, says her goal is to do a fashion show every semester. She hopes that, in this way, "the community can really see [the Design Program] students' progression over time."

"We wanted to raise awareness for SFCC's Design Program. We've got some amazing talent with some amazing teachers," McDermott-Goldie says. "We hope to bolster interest in anyone in attendance, especially with the high school kids. We want them to know that there's something else to do out there."

SFCC Student Fashion Show
7 pm
Friday, Jan. 28
Donations accepted
The Lodge at Santa Fe
750 N St. Francis Dr.

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