Pizza Centro

25 Faves | Restaurant Guide 2017-2018

Pizza is such a personal choice that we wouldn't dare tell you what your favorite should be. But this New York-style pie is easily among Santa Fe's finest. Owners and brothers Nathan and Jason Aufrichtig studied up in New York City and have crafted their crust, sauce and menu to match. A large cheese pizza ($15) is the standard by which pizza should be judged, and theirs is excellent. Pizza Centro offers a full list of specialty pizzas ($22 for a large) and for vegetarians, it may not get better than the Alphabet City, which features flash-fried eggplant, mushrooms, spinach, garlic, artichoke hearts and more. It's the pizza equivalent of the Big Bang: Ingredients explode in phenomenal individual flavor before collapsing into a delicious slice of universal goodness. Get creative with massive build-your-own calzones ($8 before you start adding ingredients). There's a full complement of salads, too, including a caprese variation that showcases whole-milk mozzarella. If you're downtown or on the Southside at lunch, you can order slices until they sell out.

Pizza Centro
South Capitol: Design Center,
418 Cerrillos Road, 988-8825
Eldorado: Agora Center,
7 Avenida Vista Grande, 466-3161
Southside: San Isidro Plaza,
3470 Zafarano Drive, Suite D, 471-6200
Hours and days vary; lunch and dinner beginning at 11:30 am
Instagram: @pizza_centro

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