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Best of Santa Fe 2023 - Pets

Cats, dogs and horses need vet care, training and TLC

Best Dog Training

1. No-No FiFi Dog Training & Pet Concierge

No-No FiFi creates a welcoming space for you and your dog to strengthen your bond and correct bad behavior. Owner Shelley Bachicha believes that every first consultation should be free, money- and stress-wise, and from there, her expertise and foundational “Basic 7″ rules will transform your naughty dog into a well-behaved gentle-pet. “I am very excited to be recognized by the community and to work with their dogs,” Bachicha tells SFR.

(505) 795-6315

2. A Matter of Manners

A Matter of Manners uses science-based positive reinforcement training to effectively fix behavior issues and never resorts to using fear or coercion that would otherwise only harm your dog.

3. Paws Plaza

The list of services at Paws Plaza will help you meet your specific training goals. Focused classes directly address problems such as potty training, jumping and leash manners, while other services include puppy socialization and even teaching novice tricks.

1416 Fourth St., (505) 820-7529

Best Nonprofit for Animals

1. Española Humane Society

Northern New Mexico animal lovers benefit tremendously from Española Humane, which doesn’t draw boundary lines when caring for furry friends. The nonprofit makes adoptions convenient, with adoptable pets already spayed/neutered, age-appropriately vaccinated and more. The shelter remains committed to curbing animal overpopulation in the region with free spay/neuter for more than 6,500 pets annually and free vaccination clinics throughout the community—living up to its slogan of more love per paw.

108 Hamm Parkway, Española, (505) 753-8662

2. Santa Fe Animal Shelter

More than a safe place for animals, the Santa Fe Animal Shelter provides a community park that offers walking trails, play yards and dog parks. New programs include “Community Assistance for Santa Fe Animals,” which provides help with pet food and vet care costs.

100 Caja Del Río Road, (505) 983-4309

3. Street Homeless Animal Project

The compassionate folks at the Street Homeless Animal Project work closely with Smith Veterinary Hospital and the Santa Fe Animal Shelter to help people experiencing homelessness and their companion animals with supplies and services.

1000 Cordova Place, #34, (505) 501-4933

Best Pet Daycare

1. Santa Fe Tails

This 18,000-square-foot facility will give your dog plenty of room to run around and meet new friends while you’re away. The staff also pays special attention to your dog’s individual needs so that Fido can find a group of paw pals that best matches his personality and energy level. “We’re all here for the dogs, and it feels good to be recognized once again,” says manager Micah Sandoval.

2109 Warner Circle, (505) 820-0731

2. Zoomies Dog Daycare & Resort

You won’t find any cages here, so your dog will be enjoying uninterrupted recess. This daycare will treat your fur baby like a part of the family the same way they’ve been doing for 13 years.

513A Camino De Los Marquez, (505) 954-1473

3. Paws Plaza

At Paws Plaza, your dog will be pampered by top-notch staff and have plenty of entertainment, like an agility course and a yard—a plaza, if you will—to mingle with the other four-legged guests.

1416 Fourth St., (505) 820-7529

Best Pet Grooming

1. Barks & Bubbles

Grooming your dog requires breed-specific special attention and care. The coat, temperament, size and age are among different factors that have to be considered. Avoid the hassle of knotted hair by bringing your mud-lover to the professionals at Barks & Bubbles, where your dog will be bathed and groomed from head to paw. After a good wash, ear cleaning and nail clipping, find your pet prancing prim and proper.

1311 Calle Nava, (505) 820-2275

2. Turquoise Tails

The full-service option at Turquoise Tails is an all-inclusive tidy-up that will bathe, brush, blow dry and toothbrush your fur baby on demand. You can also ask the staff for a breed-specific haircut and a de-shedding as an extra touch.

1624 Cerrillos Road, (505) 930-5909

3. Zoomies Dog Daycare & Resort

You can expect the same high-quality attention that Zoomies gives to its furry overnight guests in its grooming services. One-on-one grooming services and doggy destress sessions get the jobs done while doggo remains relaxed.

513A Camino de Los Marquez, (505) 954-1473

Best Pet Store

1. Teca Tu

Teca Tu has been making tails wag for over 25 years now, thanks to its outstanding stock of pet apparel, gourmet treats and any kind of pet accessory you could possibly imagine. With things like doggy beer, puppy ice cream and handbaked “Lollipups,” you’ll almost certainly find something unique for your pooch. Your cat will also love you forever for getting those catnip sardines and scratch ‘n’ scrapes. Did we already mention the , doggy beer?

DeVargas Center, 165 Paseo de Peralta, (505) 982-9374

2. Critters and Me

The one-stop shop for all your , pet food and supplies, you can get everything you need for your dog, cat, bird or even your horse. Take advantage of their self-service , pet wash station. (No horses, please)

1403 Agua Fría St., (505) 982-5040

3. Eldorado Pet & Wild Bird

New owner Cheryl Grindle stocks the store with general canine and items for avian needs, but also offers products for more specific needs, like bird feeders and baths, plus shampoos and healthy chews for the pooch.

7 Avenida Vista Grande, Ste. B-5, (505) 466-1270

Best Veterinarian

1. Smith Veterinary Hospital

The veterinarians here have provided locals with excellent care since 1946, when Dr. Ed Smith founded the hospital on the outskirts of town. Now near one of the busiest intersections in Santa Fe, its conveniently located walk-in clinic is committed to giving your pets responsive care and medication from a fully stocked pharmacy. “We just try to do our best to help the community,” Jessica Archuleta, practice manager, says.

600 Alta Vista St., (505) 539-1093

2. Gruda Veterinary Hospital

Gruda ensures that your furry friend has access to state-of-the-art services such as dentistry, endoscopy, ultrasounds and laser therapy. The informative (and honestly kind of fun) interactive pet feature and pet library on its website are just bonuses.

9 Rumble Road, (505) 471-4400

3. Clare Eddy Thaw Animal Hospital

This full-service pet clinic is owned and operated by the Santa Fe Humane Society, and 100% of the proceeds go towards helping injured or homeless pets. Plus, it offers a sliding scale for income-qualified clients.

100 Caja del Río Road, (505) 983-2755

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