Best of Santa Fe

Best of Santa Fe 2023 - Personal Services

Facials, tattoos, waxing, nails and beautiful self-care welcome

Best Aesthetic Treatment

1. Mountain Spirit Integrative Medicine

Crank up the volume on Sophie’s “Faceshopping” (RIP, dear Sophie), and get ready for some self-customization. Likely the most beloved of Mountain Spirit’s range of dermal offerings are SkinPen collagen induction micro, needling treatments (for the uninitiated, that entails using a bunch of very tiny, FDA-approved needles to activate the body’s own collagen production in response to injury), but you’ll also find a bevy of acupuncture treatments, botanical facials and more from these self-care experts.

303 Paseo de Peralta, (505) 988-2449

2. Glow - House of Beauty and Pain

We love honesty in advertising, and nobody’s more upfront about aesthetic treatments than Glow (who also would win an award for Most Metal Business Name if that were a category). Microblade away in the serenity of an optional private room.

3600 Cerrillos Road, Ste. 504A/B, (505) 471-1008

3. Ageless Aesthetics

Particular experts in wielding needles (with treatments ranging in nature from subdermal vitamin therapy to line-smoothing injectables), the folks at Ageless are also your best bet for earlobe enhancement—an option which has given us a whole new source of dysmorphia!

546 Harkle Road, Ste. A, (505) 473-7546

Best Barber

1. The Center Barber

Owners Velma and Jude Vigil (descendants of founders Ramon and Aurora Vigil) are the keepers of more than 69 years of family hair-shearing expertise. Having seen Santa Fe through everything from beehives to buzzcuts in that time, there’s pretty much no cut they can’t execute—but why not go old school and try a straight razor shave? You’ll love the classic look and feel of the shop.

503 W. Cordova Road, (505) 982-1020, 931 W. Alameda St., (505) 983-9816

2. Klean Cut Kenny

The eponymous Kenny Tapia is beloved for two reasons: his utterly pristine men’s cuts and his generosity with his time. A regular volunteer at fundraiser cutting events for children’s cancer, he’s a true gentleman’s barber with a heart of gold.

3600 Cerrillos Road, Ste. 404A, (505) 920-2864

3. Santa Fe Barber Company

Dust Parker and Cohdi Harrell aren’t just the Southside’s prime providers of classic cuts and straight razor head shaves—they also offer free dreadlock consultations, which is a notable blessing in a town with too few experts on Black hair textures.

2882 Trades West Road, Ste. 1A, (505) 557-6421

Best Facial

1. Ageless Aesthetics

We love a good sheet facial and like to consider ourselves amateur moisturizer connoisseurs, but Ageless boasts an array of facial options we hadn’t even heard of anywhere else. Sure, you can be an OG and go with the Ageless Classic (steam, exfoliation, massage, personalized mask and vitamins)—but why not explore that utterly mysterious onyx laser facial or the futuristically named Glo’Facial by Geneo (which uses both ultrasound and radio frequency technology)?

546 Harkle Road, Ste. A, (505) 473-7546

2. Glow - House of Beauty and Pain

Owner Jonelle Duvall doesn’t just know how to pick a killer name—she also pioneered Santa Fe’s primary Facial Bar. Whether you’re more of a five-layer flower bomb peel person or a microchanneling mama, you’re sure to leave looking illuminated.

3600 Cerrillos Road, Ste. 504A/B, (505) 471-1008

3. Alkemesta

We love to support a WOC-owned business with our self-care spending, and Alkemesta’s Anayensi Olivas has us beautifully covered for everything from LED light therapy (certain clear-skinned SFR staffers swear by its power) to enzyme peels.

1210 Luisa St., Ste. 12A, (505) 900-1474

Best Hair Salon

1. The Color Bar

While Color Bar has been placing in the top three of Best of Santa Fe for years, this win is a testament to the hard work owner Nikki Martinez and her team have put into tinting and trimming our locks for over 10 years now. And with its particularly queer-friendly atmosphere—the site highlights Color Bar’s commitment to “providing our LGBTQ+ community with identity expression/exploration through hair”—there truly is a barber’s chair for everybody here.

21 Bisbee Court, Ste. H, (505) 310-4903

2. Prizm Salon

Anyone who has experimented with red-based hair dye will tell you how hard it is to maintain. But take one look at the gorgeous fuchsia and intense purple filling Prizm’s gallery, and you’ll know your hues are in expert hands.

4056 Cerrillos Road, Ste. C2, (505) 920-0387

3. Guys & Dolls Salon

If you are a lass/And your blonde’s turned to brass/You can bet that they’ll fix it at Guys & Dolls—but it also specializes in highlights, balayage, trims and just about everything else a lady needs to maintain her locks.

1587 Pacheco St., (505) 984-2887

Best Massage

1. Ten Thousand Waves

Let’s get real for a second here: A good massage is never just about the actual bodywork. It’s about the atmosphere, the sense of specialness that comes with doing something just for yourself. And there’s simply nowhere in town that captures that feeling of utter escape from life’s chaos quite like Ten Thousand Waves. Watch the koi or enjoy the public bath while you wait for your session, and you’ll start slipping into a different world.

21 Ten Thousand Waves Way, (505) 982-9304

2. Ojo Santa Fe

Speaking of otherworldliness—are we the only ones who think Ojo Santa Fe’s round tubs overlooking the natural water features of La Cienaga look a little like portals? Take a dip before your massage, and see where they lead you.

242 Los Pinos Road, (877) 977-8212

3. High Desert Healthcare & Massage

Swedish massage is the name of the game here, which, for those who’ve not yet experienced its magic, takes a much gentler approach than deep tissue. That makes it your best bet for full-body , relaxation (as opposed to muscle , readjustment).

644 Paseo de Peralta, (505) 984-8830

Best Nail Salon

1. Serenity Salon

Not to get on our soap box, but the fact that nail adornment tends to be discussed as an indulgence rather than an art always struck us a little bit fishy. It’s a form of creative expression requiring intense skill and dexterity with a brush—and the maestras at Serenity give it the respect it deserves. Don’t let the lack of internet presence lead you astray: These folks have so many repeat customers for , good reason.

4056 Cerrillos Road, (505) 471-2106

2. Hannah’s Healthy Nails

Remember what we were saying about the atmosphere being as important as the massage? That holds true for manicures as well, and the coziness of Hannah’s is a world away from the clinical atmosphere and chemical smells we fear from salons.

501 Franklin Ave., (505) 603-0464

3. Santa Fe Lash and Beauty Bar

We have two words for those who yearn for manicures that last longer than, like, four days before chipping—BioSculpture Gel. It’s a specialty at the Lash and Beauty Bar and holds strong for at least two weeks.

1012 Marquez Place, Unit 101, (505) 988-8923

Best Skin Care Products

1. Ageless Aesthetics

Thank goodness the days of the snail goop skin care fad seem to be behind us, and we can instead talk about such intriguing dermal treats as papaya enzyme cleansers, tinted medical sunscreens (woah) and marine extract moisturizers that will leave you feeling as hydrated as the Little Mermaid swimming through a kelp forest. There’s a whole new world of cutting-edge skin care out there—and Ageless Aesthetics offers the opportunity to sample it all.

546 Harkle Road, Ste. A, (505) 473-7546

2. Skinplicity

Stocking brands such as Éminence Organic Skincare (a Hungarian company focusing on botanical ingredients) and Environ (which produces science-centric products intended to deliver vitamins directly to skin), Skinplicity cuts the unnecessary additives and gets straight to skin healing.

2019 Galisteo St., Ste. J2, (505) 660-6350

3. Eldorado Skin Care

Treat yourself to a miniature shopping vacation, and browse your way through Eldorado Skin Care’s broad selection of products chosen specifically to target the unique challenges associated with our windy and ultra-dry high desert climate.

5 Caliente Road, #4, Eldorado, (505) 795-8891

Best Spa

1. Ten Thousand Waves

If you thought we were done raving about Santa Fe’s slice of Studio Ghibli-level enchantment, think again. Ten Thousand Waves doesn’t just have the aforementioned steaming tubs, mountain views and Izakaya dining. We maintain that even the animals around the spa act a little differently. Keep an eye out for a black cat that’s a dead ringer for Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service winding around the bathhouse, and tell us you don’t feel the magic.

21 Ten Thousand Waves Way, (505) 982-9304

2. Ojo Santa Fe

A spa at an actual spring site just hits differently. You might not be yourself dipping directly in the natural water, but with it almost close enough to touch from your tub, you really get the best of both worlds.

242 Los Pinos Road, (877) 977-8212

3. Ageless Aesthetics

Even with all its already-discussed accolades this year, we still have so much left to tell you about Ageless’ myriad spa offerings—including laser hair and tattoo removal, laser skin resurfacing and even red vein laser removal. So many lasers.

546 Harkle Road, Ste. A, (505) 473-7546

Best Tattoo Shop

1. The Dungeon Tattoo & Piercing

Much like its heavily tatted staff and client base, The Dungeon may be tough in appearance, but it’s got an immensely soft and sweet core. As the reigning tattoo (and piercing) champions around town for so many years we’ve pretty much lost count, they could easily have developed a too-cool-for-you attitude towards ink newcomers. Instead, they treat each new client as a member of the tattooed family—with all the respect and warmth that entails.

1632 Cerrillos Road, (505) 983-8262

2. Four Star Tattoo

If you take a peek inside the SFR offices, you’ll see so many Four Star tattoos on staffers’ bodies that we basically constitute a walking Four Star Instagram feed. From ‘50s-influenced sailor styles to intricate line work, these folks can ink it all.

825 Topeka St., (505) 984-9131

3. Dawn’s Custom Tattoo

Getting tattooed is an intimate experience—and plenty of AFAB folks feel more comfortable working with a femme artist. Proprietor Dawn Purnell offers a perfect answer with more than 20 years of experience and countless raves to vouch for her skills.

1100 Hickox St., (505) 986-0002

Best Waxing

1. Waxing the City

You should know by now that SFR loves a good punny headline, so Waxing the City already gets a few points in our book on name alone. But that humor also points to one of the business’s best features: Its relaxed and laid-back attitude helps you to embrace the silliness associated with paying someone to rip your body hair out, thereby offering levity in the midst of an experience that can otherwise be intimidating for newcomers.

4386 Rodeo Road, (505) 474-2994

2. Sherry’s Sugar Shack

Oh Sherry, thank you for making the infamous Brazilian more accessible to newbies through your kind-hearted First Brazilian Bikini Guide. Putting a friendly face to the process and walking us through best prep practices goes such a long way. Plus, we like your name, too.

1850 Calle Medico, Ste. F, (505) 226-4478

3. Prizm Salon

That’s right, these folks aren’t just experts in trimming hair—they’re happy to help you remove it all as well. Whether you’re looking for a lil’ landing strip or just a brief bikini wax, your follicles will be treated fabulously.

4056 Cerrillos Road, Ste. C2, (505) 920-0387

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