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Best of Santa Fe 2023 - Health Services

Doctors, dentists, physical therapists and other to keep your body and mind healthy

Best Acupuncturist

1. Mountain Spirit Integrative Medicine

Mountain Spirit’s integrative approach to acupuncture dates back thousands of years to ancient Eastern practices meant to stimulate energy levels in the body. The team of six highly trained professionals at Mountain Spirit bring those practices to patients through traditional modes of acupuncture. “We are blessed to have such a dynamic team of practitioners and grateful that they provide so much for our community,” owner Dr. Brandon Taylor, D.O.M., tells SFR.

303 Paseo de Peralta, (505) 988-2449

2. Ancient Wisdom Healing Arts

Drs. Jacob Wilcox and Nayelli Navarro combine Eastern philosophy and years of professional experience to provide patients with excellent care through classical acupuncture. According to their website, they treat just about every kind of discomfort, whether physical , or emotional.

1301 S. St. Francis Drive, Ste. C, (505) 210-2781

3. Piñon Community Acupuncture

Drs. Jonathan Gimbel and Melissa Brock practice a gentler mode of acupuncture known as Japanese Meridian Therapy, which Gimbel learned from teachers while living in Japan. You’ll enjoy reclining in one of their zero-gravity chairs and benefit from pain-free expertise.

1642 St. Michael’s Drive, (505) 633-4192

Best Alternative Healing

1. Mountain Spirit Integrative Medicine

Lest you think the folks at Mountain Spirit only offer acupuncture, let it be known that they provide the same excellent care through alternative treatments such as homeopathy, occupational therapy, herbal consultations and functional medicine. These folks also provide specialized and holistic care for women, offering annual exams and prenatal/postnatal massages. Even more, Mountain Spirit’s locally- and LGBTQ-owned status and wide acceptance of health care coverage elevates it to a whole other level , of excellence.

303 Paseo de Peralta, (505) 988-2449

2. High Desert Healthcare & Massage

Barbara Urioste-Lopez and her sisters Georgia and Susan took charge of High Desert this June and plan to continue offering affordable pokes as the business has since 1992. High Desert’s seven treatment rooms ensure quality, personalized care for all body-type modalities.

644 Paseo de Peralta, 5 Caliente Road, Building 2, Ste. D, (505) 984-8830

3. Piñon Community Acupuncture

Looking for something more than acupuncture? Afraid of needles? Piñon Community Acupuncture also offers Chinese herbal treatments prescribed according to patient needs, in addition to invigorating tai chi classes for all levels of experience led by Dr. Jonathan Gimbel.

1642 St. Michael’s Drive, (505) 633-4192

Best Chiropractor

1. Connerly Chiropractic

Your backbone suffers a lot in our age of the bent-over-the-desk work week and the couch-contortions of the Netflix binge, but Dr. John Connerly knows just how to fix it. By using natural, integrative methods like electric stimulation and ultrasound treatments, he and his team will work to improve your neck and back health so you can recover from built-up stress and musculoskeletal injuries. “We’re honored to be recognized once again,” Connerly tells SFR.

1982 Plaza del Sur Drive, #A, (505) 988-9017

2. Winds of Choice

Who you choose to pop the crippling pain out of your back matters. Don’t worry—Dr. Wendy Carter is as knowledgeable about your spine (and bees and chickens) as she is joyful, which is to say very.

2948 Richards Ave., (505) 424-9114

3. Back to Health Wellness

Dr. Chaz Schatzle and his team turn chiropractic adjustments into a full-service, body-wide renovation. He offers back, neck and headache treatment as well as more general treatments for sports and auto injuries, all supplemented by nutritional recommendations made just , for you.

1651 Galisteo St., Ste. 12, (505) 467-8999

Best Dental Practice

1. Milagro Dental

Gone are the days of dreading the dentist. Milagro Dental makes your visit painless, and we’re not just talking about your teeth: an extensive list of cleaning, cosmetic and crowning services means you won’t have to go anywhere else. “It’s such an honor to again be recognized for the work we do each and every day to help people achieve their best oral health with cutting-edge dentistry and compassionate care,” Dr. Kasha Ujda tells SFR.

2019 Galisteo St., Ste. L2, (505) 982-9222

2. Santa Fe Modern Dentistry

Welcome to the future of your teeth—with Modern Dentistry’s state-of-the-art tooth technology and multitalented team of dental professionals, you’ll have access to exceptional general and cosmetic dental services as soon as you need them with same-day service and weekend appointments.

3569 Zafarano Drive, (505) 986-8000

3. Eldorado Dental

Dr. Haley Ritchey has owned Eldorado Dental for 17 years. This friendly team runs a high-tech general practice catering to your personalized needs.  Ritchey tells SFR she’s honored to have placed in the top three Best of Santa Fe Dentists for over 10 years!

1 Caliente Road, Ste. E, (505) 466-0999

Best Fitness Classes

1. Genoveva Chavez Community Center

Whether you’re an experienced athlete or only just beginning your fitness journey, the Genoveva Chavez Community Center invites everyone to join a fitness class. Strength and fitness, Zumba, HIIT and spin classes will sculpt your body the way you want in a friendly and motivating environment. The city’s popular Southside community center also offers a fitness boot camp to push your body to the next level. See its calendar, too—there’s always something new.

3221 Rodeo Road, (505) 955-4075

2. Santa Fe Community College

Enjoy the 124,000 square feet at Santa Fe Community College’s fitness facility any way you want. Learn a thing or two while you’re there in one of the facility’s fitness classes such as tai chi or yoga.

6401 Richards Ave., (505) 428-1000

3. Defined Fitness

Get ready for a “Hot Curl Summer” at Defined Fitness. You can work with a personal trainer for individualized training or join in on one of many group fitness classes. Aqua yoga? Power cycling? Get pumped.

3320 Cerrillos Road, (505) 438-3000

Best Health Care

1. CHRISTUS St. Vincent

The first St. Vincent hospital in Santa Fe began serving patients in 1865, and today it’s part of a vast regional health care program that reaches much of north-central New Mexico with access to 39 services and lines of specialty care, including the flagship on St. Michael’s Drive—all staffed by experienced medical professionals. CHRISTUS provides access to pain management, diagnostics, sleep care, pediatrics, cancer care and more.

455 St. Michael’s Drive, (505) 913-3361

2. Presbyterian Healthcare Services

The doctors, nurses, techs and supporting staff at Presbyterian are all firmly rooted in the community, offering numerous health resources online in addition to emergency services, a birthing unit and array of imaging technologies. We salute Presbyterian’s extensive female reproductive , health services.

4801 Beckner Road, (505) 772-1234

3. Southwest Care

Southwest Care was founded in 1996 to help those living with HIV/AIDS and has since expanded its care to include pediatrics and women’s health services. Its mission is to provide evidence-based, thoughtful, compassionate and whole-person care to everyone.

901 W. Alameda St., 649 Harkle Road, Ste. E, (505) 955-9454

Best Home Care

1. Ambercare

For the first time in our reader poll, we asked Santa Feans to choose their favorite home care. Ambercare, a member of the Addus Family of Companies, was founded in Belen in 1984 and has since become the largest home health care provider in the state. “We feel blessed to be able to serve the citizens of Santa Fe,” Director of Clinical Services Brittania Garcia tells SFR.

550 D St. Michael’s Drive, (505) 982-4098

2. Presbyterian Healthcare Services

Presbyterian offers at-home care for those who are unable to leave the house or feel more comfortable there. Its services include hospice care, palliative care, respite care and even therapy services such as occupational and speech therapy.

4801 Beckner Road, (505) 772-1234

3. Nurses with Heart

The nurses at Nurses with Heart promise to offer you or your loved ones 24/7 care from the comfort of home-sweet-home. They’ll help with daily activities as well as serve as medical advocates, ensuring patients receive appropriate attention.

1596 Pacheco St., Ste. 109, (505) 424-9099

Best Mental Health Care Provider

1. Solace Sexual Assault Services

Solace has served as a refuge and support center for victims of sexual assault, stalking, sex trafficking and other forms of sexual violence for over 50 years. Every member at Solace is extensively trained to provide victims with sensitive, responsive care and to help foster a sense of tranquility, always giving specialized care for those who need it. We cannot overstate just how important these heavenly human beings are to supporting our community.

6601 Valentine Way, (505) 988-1951

2. Serna Solutions

Serna Solutions has offered non-confrontational clinical counseling services to families, couples and individuals since 2003. According to its website, therapists combine evidence-based practices with humanistic and insight-oriented techniques to empower people to reach their goals.

4001 Office Court Drive, Ste. 201, (505) 207-8929

3. The Life Link

The Life Link helps hungry, homeless and displaced individuals find job opportunities and emergency assistance through federal funding, grants and private donations. These folks also offer invaluable substance abuse support and human trafficking aftercare.

2325 Cerrillos Road , (505) 438-0010

Best Nonprofit for Health

1. CHRISTUS St. Vincent

Did we forget to mention that CHRISTUS St. Vincent is also a nonprofit? Defined in its own mission statement as “a Catholic health ministry,” the organization pledges to invest directly into community health and well-being. According to its website, CHRISTUS foundations “partner with families, individuals and businesses to connect community outreach missions together to create exemplary healthcare” and are “fighting to rid the world of poverty and income inequality, caring for illness and chronic disease.”

455 St. Michael’s Drive, (505) 913-3361

2. La Familia Health

La Familia guarantees health care as a human right. The organization has evolved from just two rooms run completely by volunteers into four locations serving a staggering one out of 10 Santa Feans, regardless of income, insurance or legal status.

1035 Alto St., 2145 Caja del Oro Grant Road, (505) 982-4425

3. Presbyterian Healthcare Services

Presbyterian is the product of an open-handed legacy that goes back to the words of Marion K. Van (“Mrs. Van”) Devanter, one of the founders: “If we can help, we should.” Stewardship and charity are the core of its mission.

4801 Beckner Road, (505) 772-1234

Best Physical Therapy

1. CHRISTUS St. Vincent

This one should sound familiar by now. That’s because the folks at CHRISTUS St. Vincent wear many hats, and physical therapy is one of them. Experts will put your body in shape for peak performance, athlete or not, and with there being a specialist for every breakable body part, you can target your rehab with the best practices. They’ll also help you get strong to make sure those injuries don’t happen in the first place.

2968 Rodeo Park Drive W., Ste. 100 (505) 913-5100

2. Therapy Solutions

The team at Therapy Solutions might seem extra friendly because, well, they really are. They were all friends before they became coworkers, and you’ll fit right in with them (and feel better) if you have a good sense of humor.

333 W. Cordova Road, (505) 984-9101

3. CorePhysio

Drs. Frank Hatch and Sean Horner promote a climate of wellness and prevention and examine all patients thoroughly so they can receive personalized care. Their Feldenkrais Method and yoga and qigong classes are sure to strengthen your mind , and body.

1850 Calle Medico, Ste. H, (505) 983-2673

Best Pilates Studio

1. Pilates Santa Fe

Owner Ray Kurshals has been doing this whole pilates thing ever since the ‘70s in New York City, where he learned from the best, so he’s basically one of the OGs. His studio contains up-to-date equipment for a strength-flexibility combo to give you pain-free body movement and psychological detoxification. “All of us at Pilates Santa Fe want to thank our exceptionally hard working, dedicated and loyal clients and friends,” Kurshals tells SFR.

839 Paseo de Peralta, (505) 995-9700

2. PilatesBodies

Pilates is all about flexibility, so it makes sense that PilatesBodies offers all kinds of classes according to your needs. Go alone, bring a friend or join a group where you can all feel the , burn together.

3 Caliente Road, #4, (505) 466-3380

3. Rise Pilates

The instructors at Rise Pilates understand that your body has its own special needs and takes different cues. It’s why they blend yoga, dance, tai chi and kickboxing into their practices so your body can express , itself authentically.

1213 Luisa St., (917) 202-5162

Best Small Gym

1. Santa Fe Community College

Fitness Director Herman Garcia tells SFR this facility at Santa Fe Community College is a “hidden gem” (no pun intended, we think), and even though it’s not all that small, this gym should get the attention it deserves. The staff here form a tight-knit community that knows its members on a first-name basis and strives to maintain a clean, operational and educational environment for everyone who comes here. (Don’t forget about fitness classes.)

6401 Richards Ave., (505) 428-1000

2. Santa Fe Health & Fitness

The trainers at Santa Fe Health & Fitness understand that knowing what exercises are best for your body can be challenging, which is why they carefully observe your movement and consider your comments to help you create an effective, personalized fitness program.

2008 St. Michael’s Drive, (505) 795-7742

3. Miller Gym

With a clientele as young as 12 and as old as 87, the Miller Gym reflects the diverse levels of fitness that exist in our community. This gym offers general conditioning and personalized weightlifting training with a pro who has broken records.

1583 Pacheco St., (505) 986-0432

Best Urgent Care

1. Railyard Urgent Care

Your broken finger or weird rash can sort of wait, but not really. That’s what urgent care is for, those non-emergency emergencies that happen at the worst possible times. Our readers say Railyard Urgent Care should be your go-to. The staff will help you get out of there as soon as possible, while offering you convenient and affordable service. The clinic also offers vaccinations, so you don’t eventually wind up there when everyone is spreading the flu.

831 S. St. Francis Drive, (505) 501-7791

2. Presbyterian Healthcare Services

When you’re in need of attention for a boo-boo, the centrally located urgent care clinic from Pres is an excellent choice. Give your body a same-day scheduled inspection or walk right in. (Closed on Sundays.)

454 St. Michael’s Drive, (505)-303-5000

3. CHRISTUS St. Vincent

It shouldn’t surprise you that an urgent care provider backed up by one of the oldest hospitals in the area is one of the first places you should consider when you’re hurt. Broken bones on Monday through Friday? You know where to go.

5501 Herrera Drive, (505) 913-3233

Best Women’s Health Services

1. Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood holds claim as the largest provider of sex education in the nation and one of the leading providers offering accessible, affordable health care to women. And in this post-Roe world, its services are even more valuable for New Mexicans and visitors in need of abortion services, emergency medical care, contraceptives, STD treatments and primary care. Reminder: The nonprofit that also provides for the uninsured relies on community financial support, too.

730 St. Michael’s Drive, Ste. 4B, (505) 982-3684

2. CHRISTUS St. Vincent

Of course CHRISTUS St. Vincent is on this list, too. Find select women’s health services including midwifery, screenings and gynecological appointments for every stage of life through this mission-oriented Catholic ministry nonprofit.

1622 Galisteo St., #200, (505) 984-0303

3. Southwest Care

Southwest’s holistic and whole-person health care services address general and specialized women’s health needs, and with their expert referrals, a sliding- scale cost system and Gender Equity Medicine clinic, it’s a safe place you can really trust.

901 W. Alameda St., 649 Harkle Road, Ste. E, (505) 955-9454

Best Yoga Studio

1. YogaSource

The excellent instructors at YogaSource stand head and shoulders above the crowd in a city with a high per-capita ratio of yoga studios. Amp your knowledge and deepen your practice with in-person and live online classes. YogaSource also offers advanced workshops, yoga and meditation retreats and even an instructor training series. Having so many different options to learn at all levels of yoga experience makes YogaSource so outstanding.

901 W. San Mateo Road, (505) 982-0990

2. Santa Fe Community Yoga Center

The city’s only nonprofit yoga studio, Santa Fe Community Yoga Center provides a conveniently located and welcoming space for centering and growth, with classes easily identified for desired intensity as mild, medium and spicy.

826 Camino de Monte Rey, Ste. B1, (505) 820-9363

3. Breathe Santa Fe

The instructors at Breathe emphasize ahimsa, non-violence, in all their business and personal relationships, creating an immensely caring and mindful space in this studio. Here you’ll find group and private classes, retreats, professional training and a digital library of pre-recorded classes.

826 Camino de Monte Rey, Ste. A5, (505) 954-1034

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