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Best of Santa Fe 2023 - Business Services

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Best Accountant

1. Swain and Grieco

In a new category for this year’s poll, Santa Feans chose Swain and Grieco as their favorite accountants. Michael Swain founded this firm in 1985, and partner Anthony Grieco joined in 2008. They treat their clientele as business partners and offer personalized strategies to meet all your financial needs. “We’re flattered and glad that people regard us so highly, and we hope we can continue to meet their expectations,” Swain says in a phone call.

2050 Botulph Road, Ste. A, (505) 988-3770

2. Jordan, CPA, P.C.

Having money mishaps? Tobie Jordan founded her practice in 2006. Since then, she has offered a slew of invaluable services, including full-charge bookkeeping, credit card reconciliations, pesky tax matters and QuickBooks-related issues. Basically, she does it all.

4001 Office Court Drive, Ste. 401, (505) 473-2662

Jim Colombo, CPA

Jim Colombo has been a Santa Fean since 1990 and opened his own office in 2002. He specializes in tax matters related to individual returns, estates and trusts, and his small staff and full-service business model ensure personalized assistance.

1424 Paseo de Peralta, (505) 983-9000

Best Auto Detailing

1. Squeaky Clean Car Wash

That new-car sheen doesn’t last forever. Sooner or later, life happens: you scrape something, a crazy ex keys a door, things get spilled on the seats. There are, however, people at this car wash who will make you forget those things ever happened. Get a deep cleaning, exterior wax or seat scrub to restore your car to its former glory, inside and out. And who wouldn’t want a free car wash on their birthday?

3931 Cerrillos Road, (505) 474-4320

2. Eclipse Window Tinting & Auto Detailing

The Eclipse crew has been around for almost 30 years now and has been spiffing up rides and tinting windows all along. Still, you can expect them to make your car look brand new.

2217 Cerrillos Road , (505) 438-1168

3. Eldorado Auto Detailing

Jaime Catalan and his team are friendly and dedicated to an honest attention to detail when it comes to your car, truck or van. This is the perfect choice for those who live in the Santa Fe suburb.

1 Caliente Road, Eldorado, (505) 919-8043

Best Body Shop

1. Mena’s Coachworks

There’s a joy in seeing an old or otherwise clapped-out car restored to look brand new, even if you don’t consider yourself a car person. The I-CAR-trained technicians at Mena’s will bring your European and domestic classics back to life with their high-quality paint jobs and body work. Don’t have a super-expensive supercar that needs to be fixed? They’ll work on that baby anyway, with all the same elite attention to detail.

3360 Lopez Lane, (505) 471-9037

2. Top Gun Collision

While it might not be Maverick or Goose, you can rely on one of Top Gun’s certified technicians to refurbish your ride in a jiffy with their high-caliber workmanship, no matter the make and model.

31 Paseo de River, (505) 471-0212

3. Muñoz Customs Paint & Body

The exterior of the shop puts off a cool old-school vibe, and Muñoz Customs has the skills to take just as much care of your fresh fender-benders as well as they do with your ol’ reliable for a long-overdue pick-me-up.

1285 Clark Road, (505) 570-0921

Best Car Repair

1. Mike’s Garage

Ray Griego and his team have topped the list once again at the auto shop named after Ray’s uncle. Their state-of-the-art equipment and dazzling reputation ensure they meet all of your Subaru needs in this city, which seems to run primarily on Foresters and Outbacks. Plus, fast and same-day service means you can skip the wait and join your Subaru brethren back on the road as soon as possible.

1501 Fifth St., (505) 983-6577

2. The Auto Angel

Gabriel Garcia is proof enough that angels are real. Not only does he collect donations for the Food Depot and host The Rusty Nuts on KSWV—he and his crew of master technicians will give your car that , heavenly glow.

3140 Cerrillos Road, (505) 424-3899

3. Toy Auto Man

Japanese cars receive specialized service from the crew that has been in the Toyota and Lexus repair business for some time now, and to great success. Why not go to the experts?

4774 Airport Road, (505) 983-9463

Best Car Wash

1. Squeaky Clean Car Wash

After all the repairs and detailing, you might feel like your car needs that special final touch. Owner Jay Ritter and his team make sure your trip is worth it. With more than a dozen services included in packages with names like “Viva Las Vegas,” “Mountain of Love” and “Cloud Nine,” you (and your car) will leave this place feeling a little more fancy than usual.

3931 Cerrillos Road, (505) 474-4320

2. Speedy Shine Express Car Wash

This car wash’s name speaks for itself, we think. Quick and quality service is of supreme importance for the busy-bodies among us, and honestly, who isn’t one these days? We also think its car logo is cute.

3006 Cerrillos Road, (505) 405-1450

3. Oilstop Drive Thru Oil Change & Car Wash

Maybe you’ve been putting off these two minor yet very necessary car chores for longer than you’d like to admit. Why not get them done at the same time? Friendly staff is always a plus.

3561 Cerrillos Road, (505) 471-2323

Best Commercial Contractor

1. Sarcon Construction Corporation

Sarcon has been building up Santa Fe for as long as it’s been building its wonderful reputation as the locals’ choice contractor. With the Santa Fe Opera and The Food Depot listed as just a couple of many accomplishments on its résumé, working with this contractor is sure to satisfy your building needs with that same superior quality, whether you’re looking for custom designs, additions or renovations, residential or commercial.

2044 Galisteo St., Ste. 1, (505) 474-4700

2. R.L Lockwood Construction

Take a look at Lockwood’s website to see some of the many rustic modern, Santa Fe and Southwest Asian hybrid homes this firm has designed. They’re the kind of homes people would point at and say “wow” if they saw them.

406 Botulph Lane, (505) 982-1861

3. LM Construction & Mechanical

Whether commercial or residential, this firm specializes in remodels and offers a long list of services including some that you may not have already thought of, like repiping, restuccoing, staining, landscaping and mini split installations.

3225 Richards Lane, Ste. 2B, (505) 988-4663

Best Computer and IT Services

1. Capitol Computer & Network Solutions

Modern technology comes with all sorts of arcane problems that only techy wizards can solve, like computers making garbage disposal sounds and flashing alarmingly bright colors. The team at Capitol has over 100 years of combined experience and is always ready to handle any technical problem. “We are proud and privileged to serve our community,” owner Stephen Resnick tells SFR.

1807 Second St., Ste. 100, (505) 216-1108

2. Dotfoil

Or you could have the pros come straight to you. Dotfoil offers at-home services, so you won’t even have to touch your scary-looking, poltergeist-infested computer until after it gets its high-tech exorcism from these experts.

851 St. Michael’s Drive, (505) 954-9955

3. Santa Fe Computer Works

Small and locally owned for over 25 years means these technicians will pay extra close attention to your computer problems, which in turn means your computer gone phut will be repaired faster than you can say “Error 404.”

1214 Camino Carlos Rey, Ste. 2, (505) 471-5211

Best Financial Advisor

1. Del Norte Credit Union

What you do with your money is your business, but let’s be honest, there are some financial decisions where “winging it” won’t get you very far. The advisors at Del Norte are the community’s number-one choice for planning out retirement, wealth management and investing strategies, and from what we can tell, these folks do a pretty good job at it. They also do a good job at giving back, donating almost $100,000 last year.

3286 Cerrillos Road, 510 N. Guadalupe St., Ste. A/B, (505) 988-3628

2. State Employees Credit Union

SECU offers specialized financial advice for all ranges of life, so whether you’re getting ready to buy a house, financing a car or planning to retire, they can help you to take the next step.

813 St. Michael’s Drive, 4920 Promenade Blvd. , (505) 983-7328

3. Nusenda Credit Union

Santa Feans really like their credit unions. Secure excellent advice from these folks, especially about how to plan the perfect retirement. Now with three branches, including on the Southside, there’s a location convenient to everyone, everywhere.

1710 St. Michael’s Drive , 502 N. Guadalupe St., 5621 Herrera Drive, (505) 467-6000

Best Financial Institution

1. Del Norte Credit Union

You won’t find much money-related drama here. The positive effect that this bank has on the community is immediately apparent in its locally based outreach programs, grants and scholarships—making it feel less like a bank and more like a community-run initiative. According to its website, DCNU is not about credit maximization but “improving lives while balancing long-term sustainability (earnings and net worth) with member, community, and regulatory requirements,” and that sounds pretty good to us.

3286 Cerrillos Road, 510 N. Guadalupe St., Ste. A/B, (505) 988-3628

2. State Employees Credit Union

You don’t have to be a state employee to access the good interest rates and member benefits at this credit union, and your membership means your hard-earned moolah is invested right back into your community.

813 St. Michael’s Drive, 4920 Promenade Boulevard, (505) 983-7328

3. Guadalupe Credit Union

GCU dates back to 1948, when it served the parishioners of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Santa Fe. They place an emphasis on financial empowerment and encourage members of all ages to ask any questions they may have.

3601 Mimbres Lane, (505) 982-8942

Best Insurance Agent

1. Garrett Seawright (State Farm)

Pirate? Sea captain? No, he’s an extra tall insurance agent—second-generation, to be precise. But we still think Seawright is pretty cool. Go with the agent who will treat you like his own next-door neighbor. Friendly and local means you’ll be happy with your quote, so if it’s auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance or all the rest of the litany of insurances that you’re looking for, you only have to find his beacon-like white smile.

1441 Paseo de Peralta, Ste. C , (505) 982-5433

2. James Armijo (State Farm)

Colleagues and competitors sweep this category, so just know that Armijo has to offer all the same State Farm insurance stuff and that same good-hearted service that’ll make you smile.

901 W. Alameda, (505) 982-4412

3. Bryan Doerner (State Farm)

We promise we’re not in cahoots with State Farm, it’s just that Doerner is another one of those local superstar agents who are ready to help you whenever you feel ready to drive safe.

1341 Pacheco St., (505) 930-5210

Best Lodging

1. La Fonda on the Plaza

This historic Harvey House is so famous that now it even has its own documentary. It’s the only hotel situated on the Plaza, which means guests get the best access to everything in town. Plus, the La Fiesta lounge, Bell Tower rooftop bar and an unforgettable breakfast burrito next to the fountain at La Plazuela are the , real winners.

100 E. San Francisco St., (505) 982-5511

2. El Rey Court

This hotel on old Route 66 is eclectic in the best possible way: its Turquoise Trailer food truck, live music at La Reina bar and seasonally heated outdoor pool await the outgoing traveler. Pets are welcome!

1862 Cerrillos Road, (505) 982-1931

3. Hotel Santa Fe

These downtown suites have that distinct Santa Fe panache due largely to the fact that this hotel is the only Native American-owned hotel in the whole city. Come for the food, stay for the spa.

1501 Paseo de Peralta, (855) 825-9876

Best Movers

1. Delancey Street Moving School

It’s hard not to love a moving company that doubles as a self-help organization. The employees are all seeking out a better life after recovering from substance abuse or leaving prison, so they are serious about the “school” part. Proceeds go directly to the Delancey Street Foundation, which continues to support their recovery. “Our main focus is to bring stability into the lives of others,” manager Conner Patel tells SFR.

Hwy. 94, Ohkay Owingeh , (505) 852-4291

2. Two Men and a Truck

As maybe one of the most iconic to-the-point business names out there, these guys will simplify the moving process for you while treating you as kindly as they would their own grandma (We’re not joking—look it up).

7537 Old Airport Road, Apt. B, (505) 273-3628

3. Zen Movers

Does the thought of moving disrupt your inner flow whenever you close your eyes? Let these friendly local zen folk carry away all of your moving troubles so you can have that sweet, sweet peace of mind.

875 1, 2 W. San Mateo Road, (505) 690-1995

Best Storage Facility

1. A-1 Self Storage

You know how you start collecting things and they eventually explode into even bigger things? That doesn’t mean you have to get rid of them all. Rest easy that your precious overflow will be quite comfortable in one of A-1′s five clean, safe and climate-controlled storage units in the area. This is the ninth win in a row for the excellent storage facility that Santa Feans seem to count on.

1591 San Mateo Lane, (505) 983-8038, 2000 Pinon St., (505) 988-2985, 1311 Clark Road, (505) 471-8911, 1224 Rodeo Road, (505) 474-0921

2. Santa Fe Self Storage

With three family-owned and -operated locations in the neighborhood, you don’t have to think twice about going to the one closest to you. Twenty-four-hour surveillance and coded gate entries provide top-tier security so you don’t have to worry.

1501 Third St., (505) 983-6600, 3064 Agua Fría St., (505) 473-2222, 7521 Old Airport Road, (505) 471-2004

3. Wilson Transfer & Storage

This company is almost 100 years old and started out with just two horses and two wagons. Fast-forward to today, and it is still dedicated to transporting your goods and keeping them safe for an affordable price.

1201 Siler Road, (505) 471-6611

Best Tire Shop

1. Big O Tires

This place will make you feel like getting new tires is an exclusive experience, thanks to its legendary crew. The Big O has been around long enough to have developed a little pocket of people who are picky about who does their tires, and with their many ongoing specials and free multi-point inspections, it isn’t too hard to see why.

3153 Cerrillos Road, (505) 428-9800

2. Garcia Tire

Quality service doesn’t have to be far from home (We’re guessing it would be difficult to get very far with a flat tire or missing a spare). This locally owned spot does world-class work.

5984 Airport Road, (505) 473-9715

3. Amigo Tire

Amigo has been in the business for more than 30 years, and that’s before most of your cars even had blueprints. Tires are their game, but they’re small enough to know friends by their names.

1901 Cerrillos Road , (505) 984-0900

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