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BOSF Readers Choice

Best Biking or Hiking Trail


The Dale Ball Trails
Since its inception by namesake Dale Ball, these trails—which feature almost 25 miles of paths that have been efficiently interwoven into the infrastructure of the City Different—have been one of the quickest routes from the city to the mountains and have helped residents appreciate the breathtaking beauty of the local scenery.

Trailheads at Sierra del Norte and at Upper Canyon Road, 989-7019

2. Atalaya Trail

St. John’s College parking lot, 989-7019

3. Aspen Vista

Hyde Park Road

Best Business in the Railyard


Santa Fe Farmers Market
For fresh produce, the place to go has always been the Farmers Market. The market represents over 100 vendors (the number of vendors peaks in late August) all located in Northern New Mexico, meaning all food sold at the market is local. There are few businesses that do so much to promote sustainable, community-driven practices.

1607 Paseo de Peralta, 983-7726

2. Jean Cocteau Cinema

418 Montezuma Ave., 466-5528

3. Second Street Brewery at the Railyard

1607 Paseo de Peralta, Ste. 10, 989-3278

Best Business on Cerrillos Road


Jambo Café
Head chef and owner Ahmed Obo’s Swahili fusion cuisine, known for its intricate spicing, has been a jewel of Cerrillos Road since it opened in 2009. Offering quality exotic food at a great price, Jambo gives local residents an opportunity to enjoy complex flavors found nowhere else.

2010 Cerrillos Road, 473-1269

2. The Pantry Restaurant

1820 Cerrillos Road, 986-0022

3. Dr. Field Goods Restaurant

2860 Cerrillos Road, 471-0043

Best Business on St. Michael’s Drive


The Candyman Strings & Things
Since 1969, the Candyman has serviced professional musicians and novices alike (and all in between). Winner of the 2014 “Dealer of the Year” award by the National Association of Music Merchants, here you’ll find top-of-the-line instruments, excellent instruction and a knowledgeable staff to help with all music-related inquiries.

851 St. Michael’s Drive, 983-5906

2. Felipe’s Tacos

1711 Llano St., Stes. A-B, 473-9397

3. Loyal Hound

730 St. Michael’s Drive, 471-0440

Best Business on the Southside


Southside Plaza Café
An offshoot of the Plaza Café, the Southside Plaza Café brings the same classic American diner experience to the other side of town. It moved to its current location in 2009 and has since brought an invaluable all-American dining experience to an often overlooked part of the city.

3466 Zafarano Drive, 424-0755

2. Look What the Cat Dragged In

2570 Camino Entrada, 474-6300

3. The Ranch House
2571 Cristo’s Road, 424-8900

Best Elementary School


Wood Gormley Elementary School
With its high parental involvement, annually high standardized test scores and the lowest student-to-teacher ratio (18.6:1) in Santa Fe County, it’s no wonder to see the school top this list. What’s striking is that Wood Gormley is a public school, offering a free and high-quality education to all its students.

141 E Booth St., 467-4800

2. Carlos Gilbert Elementary School

300 Griffin St., 467-4700

3. Turquoise Trail Charter School

13A San Marcos Loop, 986-4000

Best Environmental Group


The Santa Fe Watershed Association
Established in 1997, it has been the mission of this nonprofit to protect and restore the living Santa Fe River. A big component of their project has been to educate the public on water use and the effects of human impact on local ecosystems—engaging the community for the sake of a local icon.

1413 2nd St., Ste. 3, 820-1696

2. Wild Earth Guardians

516 Alto St., 988-9126

3. Sierra Club, Rio Grande Chapter

1807 2nd St., Ste. 45, 983-2703

Best High School


New Mexico School for the Arts
NM School for the Arts opened in August 2010 to promote young performance and visual artists as well as encourage lifelong relationships with art. With its statewide enrollment, the school has already had success in developing the talents of young New Mexicans (with accolades to prove it), providing solid foundations for future careers.

275 E Alameda St., 310-4194

2. Santa Fe Preparatory School

1101 Camino De Cruz Blanca, 982-1829

3. Santa Fe High School

2100 Yucca St., 467-2400

Best Hotel, Inn or B&B for Out-of-Town Guests


La Fonda
For over 90 years, the Inn at the End of the Santa Fe Trail, a historic landmark, has offered quality service, accommodations and an excellent restaurant for all guests who’ve been privileged to stay there. All this in one of the most beautiful buildings in town and located in a historic neighborhood.

100 E San Francisco St., 982-5511

2. La Posada

330 E Palace Ave., 986-0000

3. El Rey Inn

1862 Cerrillos Road, 982-1931

Best Middle School


Santa Fe School for the Arts and Sciences
This school practices the method of expeditionary learning, a curriculum that combines rigorous academics with real-world projects. Their lesson plans are integrated and immersive, which promotes the development of the whole child and learning through exploration. As opposed to schools that teach toward standardized tests, students here remain curious as a result of their engaging strategy.

5912 Jaguar Drive, 438-8585

2. Santa Fe Preparatory School

1101 Camino De Cruz Blanca, 982-1829

3. Capshaw Middle School

351 W Zia Road, 467-4300

Best Nonprofit


The Food Depot
The Food Depot reminds you that “Hunger is closer than you think.” With the help of over 1,600 volunteers and donations from the general public, it has helped many stave off hunger. It’s a harsh but noble project to remind us that, even in a country as affluent as America, people go hungry. The Food Depot also shows that the fight isn’t hopeless.

1222 Siler Road, Ste. B, 471-1633

2. St. Elizabeth Shelter

804 Alarid St., 982-6611

3. Kitchen Angels

1222 Siler Road, Ste. A, 471-7780

Best Nonprofit for Animals


Santa Fe Humane Society and Shelter
The Humane Society has done a lot to curb the overpopulation of domesticated animals. But more importantly, it has done much to teach compassion and promote healthy relationships. And officials practice what they preach: The 100-acre campus and kind staff make the Humane Society one of the most progressive shelters in the nation.

100 Caja del Rio Road, 983-4309

2. Española Valley Humane Society

108 Hamm Pkwy., Española, 753-8662

3. Kindred Spirits Animal Sanctuary

3749-A Hwy. 14, 471-5366

Best Nursery School


Desert Montessori School
The Montessori method is based largely on the idea that we learn at our own pace. The Desert Montessori School provides young children with an open and free environment that promotes this idea. Children here are able to learn in a way that best suits their individual needs.

316 Camino Delora, 983-8212

2. Little Earth School

321 W Zia Road, 988-1968

3. Santa Fe Waldorf School

26 Puesta Del Sol, 983-9727

Best Outdoor Space


Santa Fe Plaza
The traditional center of Santa Fe is 1.1 of the busiest acres around. It is often the first place that tourists visit; it is near some of the finest restaurants and galleries; but most of all, it is a great place to sit, slow down and take in the movements of the city.

2. The Railyard Park

600 S Guadalupe St., 982-3373

3. Randall Davey Audubon Center

1800 Upper Canyon Road, 983-4609

Best Place to Meet Singles


Cowgirl BBQ

The Cowgirl serves tasty barbecue, offers a wide selection of beer and has one of the best billiards halls in town. Not to mention music almost every day, including all the Americana you could ever hope and dream for—you know, something to bond over with your fellow singles.

319 S Guadalupe St., 982-2565

2. Skylight

139 W San Francisco St., 982-0775

3. The Palace Saloon

142 W Palace Ave., 428-0690

Best Public Servant


Mayor Javier Gonzales
Since taking office in early 2014, Mayor Javier Gonzales has done his best to bring progressive politics to Santa Fe, which includes a much-needed focus on education and green economy. Apart from his politics, he’s a lifelong resident and the first of his family to graduate from college; he’s a person citizens can relate to.

200 Lincoln Ave., 955-6590

2. US Sen. Tom Udall

120 S Federal Place, 988-6511

3. New Mexico Sen. Peter Wirth

708 Paseo de Peralta, 988-1668

Best Radio Personality


Mary Charlotte Domandi, KSFR
Since 2003, Domandi has both produced and hosted her community-minded radio program. Broadcasted on KSFR early weekday mornings from what is another longtime local establishment, the Santa Fe Baking Co., Radio Café works from the community for the community. And the ever-present, ever-caring host has consistently given us meaningful local programming.

6401 Richards Ave., 428-1527

2. Honey Harris, KBAC

2502 Camino Entrada, 988-5222

3. Kidd Corona, Outlaw Country

2502 Camino Entrada, 473-5722

Best Youth Program


Warehouse 21
Warehouse 21 has provided community involvement in performing, media and visual arts for all ages since 1997. From screen printing workshops to concerts, it gives youth access to artistic resources and instruction that would otherwise be lacking, encouraging expression at an age that most needs it.

1614 Paseo de Peralta, 989-4423

2. National Dance Institute of New Mexico

1140 Alto St., 983-7646

3. Girls Inc. of Santa Fe

301 Hillside Ave., 982-2042

Best Wedding Venue


Loretto Chapel

The beautiful Loretto Chapel, built in 1878, offers great scenery for any couple-to-be-betrothed. Not sure if you’re capable of planning your wedding and being emotionally stable enough to handle the big day? The chapel offers excellent professional services, from flower arrangements to musical accompaniment—freeing you to stress out about the dreaded seating chart.

207 Old Santa Fe Trail, 982-0092

2. Randall Davey Audubon Center

1800 Upper Canyon Road, 983-4609

3. Bishop’s Lodge

1297 Bishop’s Lodge Road, 983-6377

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