Best Fish Tacos

Corn or Flour

1 Bumble Bee’s Baja Grill
301 Jefferson St., 820-2862
3777 Cerrillos Road, 988-3278
There are many restaurants in Santa Fe serving fish tacos, but Bumble Bee’s specializes in rocking your taco world.

This quick-counter-service restaurant offers the ultimate customized taco experience, with endless combinations of fillings and salsas, all wrapped up in fluffy soft corn tortillas. To be honest, we love the fish tacos, made with grilled—not fried—mahi mahi, but we are rarely able to resist the others, made with strips of chicken, lamb, beef or plump shrimp. The vegetarian tacos, filled with guacamole, lettuce, cheese and salsa, aren’t bad either. The fun of Bumble Bee’s is experimenting over at the salsa bar. With its bright, citrusy flavor and mild chile kick, the tomatillo salsa is a fantastic match for the fish tacos. But we admit we’re addicted to the smoky roasted-tomato salsa. Mmm…more smokiness!

If you don’t like fish tacos—well, if you don’t like fish tacos you might be crazy—you can dig into the rotisserie chicken, burritos or salads, many of which can be made completely vegetarian.

2 Mariscos “La Playa,” 537 W. Cordova Road, 505-982-2790

3 Tune-Up Café, 1115 Hickox St., 505-983-7060

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