Eavesdropper of the Year

What you heard in 2023

Every week, SFR includes tidbits of community-submitted and unattributed conversation. Usually intended to inject levity, sometimes they’re also telling about the season’s vibe. Send yours early and often to eavesdropper@sfreporter.com.

Jan. 4

Woman: “I don’t think candles in a paper bag is a good idea.”

Man: “I wouldn’t worry. I think they have been doing this for over 100 years.”

—Overheard on the Canyon Road Farolito Walk

Jan. 25

“I will text you the baggage claim carousel number when I land in Santa Fe so you know where to find me.”

—Overheard from apparent first-time traveler to Santa Fe Regional Airport at DIA gate

Feb. 8

“We are in for the fight of our lives.”

—Overheard in the produce section of Sprouts

Feb. 22

“I was so worried about finding a parking place that I forgot my badge, but I’m a filmmaker. Trust me.”

—Overheard at the Santa Fe Film Festival

March 8

“I’m too used to going to Dollar General in my pajamas.”

—Overheard near Old Pecos Trail Café

March 29

Hostess: “And what’s a good phone number to reach you at?

Woman: (Gives number)

Hostess: “We will text you as soon as your table is ready.”

Woman: “Don’t do that! I don’t have my phone with me.”

—Overheard at Tomasita’s

April 12

“My boyfriend asked me how long we were gonna be here for, so I told him he wasn’t invited.”

—Overheard at the Collected Works book launch for Natachee Momaday Gray’s Silver Box

April 26

“This line is ridiculous. How is it tourist season already?”

“Um, it’s definitely not. We’re actually still in Aries season for another week.”

—Overheard at Java Joe’s

May 3

“If I swear, I’ll pay you $50. If you talk about Taylor Swift or your cats, you pay me.”

—Overheard from a guy to his date on the Sky Railway

May 10

“I just told him that sex is like humor: If I have to explain it, then it’s not funny....or fun or whatever.”

—Overheard from woman in yoga pants on phone in La Choza parking lot

May 17

“Mom, look at the water! Look at the water!”

—Overheard from screeching child before running full-throttle into the Santa Fe River near Frenchy’s Field

June 6

“You won’t believe where I am! I’m at the oldest house in the world!...Yes, it’s right next door to the oldest church in the world!!”

—Overheard from woman on phone on De Vargas Street

June 14

“Can I pay you in moths?”

—Overheard at The Railyard

July 19

“I’d really like to live in the middle of nowhere, but with good cell service.”

—Overheard on a hiking trail

Aug. 2

“Any interest in doing basket weaving Monday?”

“I can’t. I have crystal work that day.”

—Overheard at the Plaza Café Southside

Aug. 23

Husband to wife looking at puppies: “They’re like half naked men. You can look, but that’s all.”

—Outside Teca Tu during the Espanola Humane Society pet adoption event

Sept. 9

“I’m going to need a lot of paper.”

—Overheard from woman writing “glooms” for Zozobra

Sept. 13

“Santa Fe needs to take ayahuasca and find itself.”

—Overheard at the arts and crafts fair downtown on Labor Day

Oct. 4

“Walk like no one’s looking.”

—Overheard from one woman to another woman struggling in heels at the Wild West Festival at Eaves Ranch

Oct. 18

“My children viewed over 50 nipples.”

—Overheard from parent asking the Santa Fe Public Schools Board of Education to ban the book Bodies Are Cool by Tyler Feder from school libraries

Nov. 15

Man: “You don’t want to use the crosswalk?”

Woman: “Nah, I grew up here.”

—Overheard in front of the downtown post office

Dec. 6

“Did we get to Hogwarts yet?”

—Overheard on Amtrak’s Southwest Chief just over the New Mexico line

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