7 Days

7 Days

April 10, 2024

1. Cyber attacks shut down New Mexico Highlands University classes for several days

At least it’s a teachable moment about the end of civilization

2. Cows, chickens and at least one human test positive for bird flu

See #1

3. Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham issues executive order requiring state agencies to come into compliance with cyber safety rules

Just as soon as they learn how to convert PDFS to Word docs

4. Santa Fe Police issue news release announcing “DWI checkpoints and DWI saturation patrols are everywhere” in April

Writing news releases while drunk still OK

5. City of Santa Fe rolls out salary increases to help retain workers

Or at least subsidize gas money for commuting from Albuquerque

6. New Mexico House Republicans say election of new leaders represents “a significant shift toward a revitalized future for New Mexico House Republicans.”

As the saying goes: If wishes were elephants

7. National study says New Mexicans’ #1 dream career is chocolatier

But only state workers were polled

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