7 Days

7 Days

March 27

1. City of Santa Fe solicits public comments on how to implement the new mansion tax.

Hand gestures don’t count.

2. State prosecutors oppose new trial for Rust armorer.

So…not a fan of sequels.

3. Feds award Intel $8.5 billion to expand semiconductor manufacturing—including in New Mexico.

Beats plutonium pits.

4. Social scientists converge in Santa Fe this week for their annual meeting.

We recommend all the anthropologists attend the public comment of this week’s City Council meeting.

5. City of Santa Fe loses yet another communications staff member.

And will expand its next round of hiring to include telepaths.

6. Santa Fe Prep student wins state spelling bee with “vizierial.”

That’s grate! G-r-a-t-e grate!

7. Officials issue safety measures for hundreds of thousands of expected pedestrians on the Santuario de Chimayó Pilgrimage this week.

Pedestrians crossing Cerrillos Road will remain, as always, on their own.

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