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Santa Fe Bite

Many mourned in the summer of 2013 when Bobcat Bite, the Old Las Vegas Highway mainstay, dimmed the lights on their 29-seater. From its ashes and at a snazzy in-town location, owners Bonnie and John Eckre have rebuilt its essence and added a kids menu, as well as perfected other non-burger items like a healthy assortment of salads (try the wedge for $7.50), local favorites like carnitas street tacos ($11.50) and green chile chicken enchiladas ($12.50), and a slew of steaks and chops. Purists will agree, however, that burgers here are the Eckres' Sistine Chapel. Feeling daring, I went for the "Big Bite" ($17.95), which is big enough to feed a small village with its 16 ounces of pure, unsullied meat nirvana and is served with fries, salad and garlic bread. OK, you can stick a fork in me now.

311 Old Santa Fe Trail, 982-0544
Breakfast Saturday-Sunday;
lunch and dinner daily.

Extra Sauce

Book ’em: Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for the foodie on your list? On Saturday, Dec. 13 at noon, Taberna’s Chef James Campbell Caruso is staging a special book signing of his España: Exploring the Flavors of Spain, accompanied by a reception luncheon. Call the restaurant to reserve your spot. Raaga’s “Paddy” Rawal unveils The Raaga Cookbook: Modern Indian Cuisine on Sunday, Dec. 21 at 2 pm. The book, Rawal’s first, adheres to his personal motto: “Fresh flavors redefined.” Chef Martín Rios’ cookbook is also available for pre-order. Co-author Cheryl Jamison tells SFR the tome should be available on the shelves by late May.

The opening/closing/moving report: By the looks of it, the Guadalupe Café is again closed for business. On the plus side, the Pink Adobe has expanded hours to include bunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 8 am-2 pm. See a future as a donut artist? Krispy Kreme is currently hiring for their new Santa Fe location at the old Adelitas (3297 Cerrillos Road). Jalapeños is ready for its brick-and-mortar iteration, round two: plans for Jalapeños Barrio Café are currently underway at the former Café Olé (2411 Cerrillos Road). In the meantime, their food truck is parked out front, serving up the goods.