15 Reasons Why New Mexico is the Coolest State

o what if we lack lush beaches and have modest adobe buildings instead of skyscrapers? New Mexico has character, dammit and we here at SFR would like to celebrate its quirks, warts and all.

What’s that you say Norco, CA? You think you’re kooky because you require people interested in keeping a pet rhinoceros to obtain a $100 license first? Well, hellfire will come down on hairy women in Carrizozo, NM should they leave the house to air out their muttonchops.

Yep, we keep it gangster in the Land of Enchantment. Interested in why there’s a town here named after a 1950s radio quiz show?

Read on.

15. We have a superhero governor

via NBC Latino

14. In Carrizozo, it’s against the law for a female to appear unshaven in public

 image via kgov.com

13. We're home to the original Las Vegas

image via art.com

12. We're also home to a town that changed its name to this:

image via legendsofamerica.com / read the story here

11. Hands down, we have the best police force around

 image via elpasotimes.com

No, seriously

video via Rollcall2go

10. Our state flower, the yucca, can be used to make rope, sandals and shampoo. Your move, Texas rose!

 image via Wikimedia Commons

9. Because Smokey the Bear is from here

gangster Smokey image via Wikimedia Commons

8. We're home to the world's largest hot air balloon festival; the biggest enchilada and the globe's most colossal cornhole board

7. In Las Cruces, it's forbidden to carry a lunch box down Main Street (I don't know about you, but I can sleep better at night)

image via etsy.com

6. Our teenagers are made out of rubber!

video via digriead.com

5. More than an international destination, we’re an intergalactic one
image via jerrypippin.com

4. We have an official state cookie (recipe here)

3. Because, according to the state constitution, idiots can’t vote here (well, most of the time)
image via mashery.com

2. We’re smooth
1. We have green chile EVERYTHING
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