SFR cover artist Anson Stevens-Bollen worries that maybe you are feeling dreary already this season, so to cheer us all, he summoned Old Man Gloom for a winter appearance. SnowZobra can tell you that this year gave him plenty to moan about: Politics were dark, the sky was dark—it's been sad. But as we roll along toward the end of another year, we tried our best to see change on the horizon, and that this time of the year is about giving, helping, togetherness and, frankly, beer. In the following pages, learn how to show compassion to feral cats, get the lowdown on escape-rooming, ditch at least some of the capitalism for the holidays and get recs for a trio of season-­appropriate beers from near and far. There's more inside as well, including a local-centric gift guide. Otherwise, we remind you to love each other, Santa Fe. And remember: 2020 can't possibly be worse, can it?