As a cooperative owned and governed by their members, DNCU is giving back in a big way as part of their 65th Anniversary celebration. Their rates have gone up on share certificates and money market accounts. Since credit unions are member-owned, members are able to take advantage of higher rates on interest bearing accounts—and that can go a long way. A share certificate or a money market account can be a great way to earn interest while keeping your money at a local financial institution.

New Mexico families and individuals looking to grow their money for future retirement, college expenses, or for long-term financial stability can set up an account and deposit money in these share certificate accounts that pay higher dividend rates than standard deposit products such as share savings accounts and money market accounts. The main difference between a share certificate and savings or money market accounts is accessibility to your funds. All savings and money market accounts give members access to their money whenever they need it. A share certificate account requires the money to be held at the financial institution for a particular period, usually 6 months, 12 months, or 48 months. Keep in mind, you can withdraw funds from these accounts, but you might incur penalty fees—talk with your financial institution about your options.

With DNCU's 65th Anniversary Special, you get a 2.69% APY* on an 8-month term with a minimum of $10,000. Read the terms and conditions below. At the end of the maturity date, the money can be rolled over into a new share certificate at the current rate or moved to a money market account. The benefits are considerable and risk is minimal. DNCU is insured by NCUA on their share certificates for up to $250,000 per social security number. If two people are on the account, your funds will be insured for up to $500,000—DNCU can help structure your accounts to keep them covered. A CD or share certificate is considered one of the safest investments available because of this protection.

Talk with a DNCU representative about your options for a better future. DNCU provides a hometown approach to banking—unparalleled to other regional or national financial institutions. Their product lines cover any aspect of your life and can put you on the right path to financial success. DNCU has mortgage products, auto and personal loans, credit cards, investment services and more,and their goal is to improve the lives of their 50,000 + members. With six locations across New Mexico, a 5-star rated mobile app, and online banking that fits your lifestyle, Del Norte Credit Union can be by your side every day. Visit them at or call them at (505) 455-5228.

*Annual Percentage Yield. In order to qualify for the 65th Anniversary Share Certificate, the following requirements must be met: a recurring direct deposit completed into a DNCU checking account product. The share certificate special term is 8 months and at maturity will rollover to a 6-month share certificate at the current rate. Offer good for new or existing money. Minimum amount $10,000 and maximum amount $100,000 per social security number. Dividends are compounded daily and paid monthly. Early withdrawal penalty does apply. No tiered rates apply on this share certificate special. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice and offer expires July 9, 2019. DNCU is an equal opportunity lender. Member NCUA.