Though there has been a vibrant counter culture in northern New Mexico for generations, we continue to lack festivals with sophistication and draw much of a crowd as we lack water and vegetation (Solarfest being a possible exception).  

In 2006, members of the Electric Blue Monkey Theater of Taos recognized that fact and Tribal Vision Fest became their brainchild.  Now that child has matured and grown into a three-day event bursting with music, theater, art, dance and global ceremony.  TVF raises "awareness and unity to create a better world for future generations … on an active organic farm –the Tierra Lucero Farm located in the Town of Taos – and [uses] the power of music to promote reverence for and reconnection to the Earth." How hippie is that?

Live music is headlined by Zuvuya which features Micheal Travis of the String Cheese Incident, plus Lunar Fire, The Burned, Sea Stars, local Stephanie Lee and others.  Rev. Yusen Yamato does his Global Peace Walk thing; two Aztec dancer groups perform; The Living Tarot, led by Santa Fe diva Azlan White, tells your future in interesting costumes; the Electric Blue Monkeys gets on stilts; Adam Fu cranks out the art; and mushroom guru Paul Stamets presents a workshop about mushrooms. 

Still not hippie enough for you?

The trance house vibes are provided by DJs Buddha Bomb, Crystalline, Blissbot and others too numerous to mention. There are healing workshops including Taos herbalist and fixture Lucy McCall, Lisa Wimburger of the Nurosculpting Institute of Boulder (where else?), yoga, meditation, massage and all that good stuff you've come to expect from such events. Plus camping up to two nights and eating meals picked right from the sight! Outta sight! If you care about the planet, need that 'ol tribal community fix and don't have Burning Man tickets, Tribal Vision Fest provides what you crave, and it's local. Visit for times and tickets.

Or you can stay home and watch Woodstock on video.