Whether you see the holidays as an excuse to celebrate or a one-way ticket to the blues, you're bound to want a drink. Conveniently, Amavi's chic but cozy bar is open on all the holidays--with a drink for every occasion.


Dec. 24 / Perfect Perfect Manhattan

I almost hate to endorse a drink that uses a descriptive phrase as abhorrent as "very unique" (if it's actually perfect, why do you need an extra qualifier?). 'Almost,' though, is the operative word, because this drink actually is perfect. I like a Manhattan that's sweet but still drinkable, and Amavi's version--made with (ri)1 rye whiskey--is just that. Sweet without being syrupy; strong without manhandling your esophagus (or brain); adorned with perfectly brandied cherries and shimmering in splendid crimson, it's a Christmas present unto itself. ($12)

Dec. 25 / Hot Apple Pie

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the end of December is pre-resolution period, which I take as an opportunity--nay, imperative--to indulge in every possible way before gray, grim January returns me to my gym routine. That said, nothing hits the spot like hot Tuaca smothered in whipped cream, right? It'll give you energy and relax you at the same time. It'll get you in the holiday spirit. And, at the very least, it will remind you that whipped cream is awesome. ($9)

Dec. 31 / Mavi

Aside from Thanksgiving, New Year's Eve could possibly be the best night of the year. Why, you ask? Three simple reasons:


to wear more than one sparkly article of clothing.

Also, body glitter is not just for tweens.



all around.

The reasons to celebrate are self-evident. The drink, however, is a little more subtle (just the understatement you'll need to offset your sparkles). Muddled

fresh fennel

and a few drops of fresh

"flamed"--i.e., squeezed through a regular Bic lighter--orange

give this cousin of the gin martini a refreshing, ethereal quality.

Amavi sommelier Mark Johnson, the kind of guy who can manage to announce he's the state's top-ranked sommelier without sounding pompous, says flaming the orange sears the citrus oils as they're squeezed. Or something. ($12)

Jan. 1 / Ruby Slip

Ah, that lovely cousin of the night out:

. And there's nothing like a little Vitamin C--fortified with grenadine and vodka, of course--to get you back on your feet and ready to greet the new year! Woo! ($9)

Have fun, kids.