This week, US film- and theater- circuit icons Kaye Ballard, Donna McKechnie and Liliane Montevecchi are in town practicing for their upcoming performance of From Broadway with Love to benefit Animal Protection of New Mexico. Following SFR's coverage of the event in this week's SFR Picks, we had the chance to sit down for a chat with Ballard and Montevecchi in the lobby of the Eldorado Hotel.---

SFR: How is the climate treating you?

Kaye Ballard: I love the place. We both love it but, boy, from the moment we got off the plane, I can't remember that kind of cold. I live in Palm Springs—that should answer it for you.

Liliane Montevecchi: From the desert to the mountain. It is not bad today; today was fun.

KB: Did you ever see [director Richard Jay-Anderson's] first film, The Golden Age of Broadway? It was brilliant.

SFR: It was very interesting talking to him on the phone. How has it been working with him.

KB: We like him. A funny thing happened to us when we got off the plane: All three of us got sick, but the guys didn't, just the girls.

SFR: Was it altitude sickness?

LM: No, it's not that. It's something that started in the throat and, after we went all kaput—I don't know. It's a very strange thing. Maybe God is telling us something. Maybe the Indian god or the Mexican.

SFR: Tell me about the show. What are some of the individual experiences you're bringing?

KB: We're bringing three real professionals together, doing things they've done for years. Today is yesterday. It's why we love show business.

LM: We're all here because of Kaye, because Kaye decided to have two of her pals with her. Because it was for Kaye alone, and Kaye said, 'Well, I have two friends I'd like to have with me, and here we are because of Kaye.'

KB: But let me tell you, I wanted [Montevecchi] here especially because I wanted her filmed. That's why I asked Rick [Jay-Anderson] to do the show because she's the last of a kind.

LM: [Laughs]

KB: I can't think of anybody else, no one who comes near.

SFR: When did you meet?

LM: We've known each other 30 years at least.

KB: Donna I've worked with before, and I think she's really talented, but [Montevecchi] is something really special.

LM: Well, I'm French. I bring something French…But, you know, we're all the same. We don't want to talk about ourselves because we're all great.

KB: No, I think we're all experienced.

LM: Experienced and very different, which means if the public doesn't like one, at least they can like the others. We have three chances.

SFR: How did you get involved with Animal Protection of New Mexico?

KB: Because we love animals. I did The Doris Day Show—that should tell you something. I have four dogs.

SFR: What breeds?

KB: I have two shih tzus and two rescue dogs—one Lhasa and one poodle.

LM: And one is named Lilianne, so it shows you how much she loves me.

SFR: Where else would you like to take the show?

KB: London and New York.

LM: There's nothing smaller with Kaye Ballard. There's just London and New York.

KB: Two of my favorite places. This is my third now, and where I live…This is a fascinating place. I hope you come to see the show because you'll see an era that's gone…Oh, [New York] is one of the most exciting places in the world. Don't you think?

LM: Oh, yes.

KB: And that's why I said this would go in New York. People that remember.

SFR: Thank you for your time.