Santa Fe's histories and traditions are unquestionably part of what makes it a special place to live and visit, but we offer this year's annual guide as a way to consider what's new and emerging. We always aim to use this publication to help the locals feel more like tourists and to encourage tourists to be more like locals. Sometimes we all need a vacation, even for an hour in our hometown—and Santa Fe wants the world to know our city for what it is, not the Adobe Disneyland and turquoise flip-flops version that's easy to paint.

Let us, like our contemporary cover artist Jared Weiss, lay down a more complex mural. It shows all the corners of the city, the crisscrossing network of urban trails, four seasons of celebrations, the off-the-path destinations for arts experiences along with established museums with fresh ideas from professional curators, the fun places to buy gifts and essentials, and the best places to find bespoke snacks, dinner, drinks and maybe even new friends. The Santa Fe Reporter has a direct line to the authentic voice of our community, reporting since 1974 on news and culture—and shows no signs of slowing.

-Julie Ann Grimm