Season 4 Episode 9: New Mexico is a State Now and the Other Pandemic

The Land Enchanted is finally a part of the US — but the fledgling state is hit hard by influenza and World War 1

Two episodes ago, we told you about a season we’d planned that looked back on New Mexico history by examining the terms of key governors. The season was going to be heavily reliant on research in the state archives, tracking down historians and recording tons of in-person interviews.

Of course, none of that has been possible with public health orders in place. But before we pulled the plug, we gathered up enough material for two episodes. In Episode 7, we walked you through some of the origins of the state during the territorial period, New Mexico’s role in the Civil War and more.

And speaking of pandemics, that’s what we have on tap for you this week—a snapshot of New Mexico in the years 1912 to 1919. What a time to be alive!

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Professor Steve Martinez: Santa Fe Community College

New Mexico Historical Archives

New Mexico Historical Review


VOL, XXVI JULY, 1951 No.3

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