The work of recognizing and confronting racism–in oneself, others, and the system–is difficult and uncomfortable. In episode 72, we talk about the bitter work we are all being asked to do in this time of uprising. We hear from the founder of an inclusive leadership organization, a UNM professor, a socialist community organizer in Albuquerque, a media consultant in Washington, DC, and we have part two of Khalil's conversation with his father.

We hear from Don Owens, communications director of the Lawyer's Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, about it's so hard to bring about major policy change in the US.

Kavya Esperanza, an organizer with the Party for Socialism and Liberation in Albuquerque, speaks on the entrenchment of power by the wealthy elite in the U.S., and why she urges people to support a third party in addition to turning out for public demonstrations.

UNM Associate Professor of Native American Studies and American Studies Melanie Yazzie speaks about white supremacist violence against Indigenous people in border towns in New Mexico. She shares her experience at a Black Lives Matter protest in Gallup this week, where she says protesters were alarmingly outnumbered and surrounded by a show of force by police and armed civilians.

Sean Levitt, founder of MacLENS Inclusive Leadership, breaks down implicit bias and how to start talking to people in your life about the racism they may not realize they're perpetuating.

And Khalil Ekulona's father, Ademola Ekulona, shares what it was like for him growing up in the 1950s in New Jersey, and his hope that millennials and Generation Xers won't put up with injustices. And he poses a hard, necessary question for everyone: "How true are you to being a human being that recognizes other human beings as being worth the effort it takes to stand up for their rights?" 

A local news update:

Over the weekend, New Mexico health officials announced 272 new positive COVID-19 test results—129 on Saturday and 143 on Sunday—bringing the total number of cases here thus far to 8,940.

McKinley and San Juan counties continue to have the highest number of cases, with 77 and 73, respectively, combined over the weekend. Doña Ana County had 38 new cases over the weekend; Bernalillo County had 32.

Santa Fe police are investigating a possible hit-and-run of a protester during a Black Lives Matter demonstration Friday, according to the Santa Fe Reporter. No arrests have been made or charges filed in the case, though the Santa Fe Police Department has made contact with the accused driver and labeled the incident as aggravated battery.

And a Santa Fe Reporter food survey found people in the post-COVID era have upped their take-out intake, are wary of sit-down meals and are hyper vigilant in wanting to know about eateries' COVID-19 safety practices.

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