We get into what money really is. We take a dive into a bill that looks to create a public bank. We talk with a member of a financial innovation group about how universal basic income has helped businesses during the pandemic. We grapple with student loans. We hear the journey of how difficult it is to start a business as a pandemic is raging. And we have a talk with the secretary of workforce solutions about where the jobs are going to be.

In episode 20 we are talking about money: you may know it as cash, moolah, greenbacks, cheese (cheddar to be specific), loot, coin, lettuce, or if you are a fan of the 90′s, duckets. We take a look at our economy during the pandemic and ask some questions about the nature of money.

YOUR NM GOV: A bill proposing a public bank for New Mexico is making its way through the Senate. Anglea Merkert is the executive director for the Alliance Of Local Economic Prosperity, a think tank. She joins us this week to talk about what that could look like here.


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