The census is one of the more important events in our democracy. Every 10 years each person is counted so that resources can be allocated, programs created, and a general understanding of the population can be gained. It should be a clean process. Should be. The 2020 census has proven to be anything but clean. Mud has been thrown on the process, as people and institutions attempt to manipulate the numbers, subsequently stripping power from some and giving it to others. Peppered throughout this episode is an editorial from NoMoNo about why the census matters: The state is counting on us to be counted. If you haven’t completed the census form yet, do it now. It only takes a few minutes. Click here to get started.

A recent anti-racism protest in Rio Rancho by the Black New Mexico Movement drew a lot of pushback. The tensions took over the news stories recounting that night. But before everything really erupted, Nichole Rogers, founder of the Welstand Foundation, gave a brief speech about the census. Thanks to KUNM News Director Hannah Colton for that tape.

On our sibling show Let’s Talk New Mexico, host Ty Bannerman spoke with:

We also hear from KUNM’s Kaveh Mowahed, who interviews journalist Shaun Griswold, a Report for America corp member working at New Mexico In Depth, about how the census is going in New Mexico. Read Griswold’s latest for NMID: Tribes in N.M. under intense pressure to complete census count by new deadline.

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