Weekly Word: NM Compass and Tom Udall

The Weekly Word is back! The weekly podcast that is a partnership between the New Mexico Telegram and Santa Fe Reporter was in Albuquerque this week, talking to Marisa DeMarco and Margaret Wright of the New Mexico Compass.---

Joey Peters was on assignment, but SFR staff writer Justin Horwath pinch-hit as guest co-host on the podcast.

As a special bonus, there is a clip of U.S. Sen. Tom Udall talking to SFR editor Alexa Schirtzinger, a preview of the cover story for this week's Santa Fe Reporter. So stay tuned after the discussion with DeMarco and Wright for that.

DeMarco and Wright formerly worked at the Weekly Alibi. But after layoffs, the two decided to start their own news website under the non-profit Citizen Media Group.

You can listen to the podcast below or download here (right click to save).

The podcast is also available on iTunes.

In addition to doing the grind of reporting on commission hearings from city council to Public Regulation Commission, New Mexico Compass hopes to do more long-form investigative journalism.

And an interesting part of their future plans is media training to empower local community members to be able to do their own reporting.

We also discussed the changes from moving from print to online and if anything surprised the two about the difference.

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