Long-running senator dies

Both sides of the aisle are mourning the death of one of New Mexico's longest-serving Democratic senators, Carlos Cisneros of Questa ($ TNM). The 71-year-old had a heart attack on Tuesday. For the past several years he was vice chairman of the powerful Senate Finance Committee and chaired the interim Revenue Stabilization Committee at the time of his passing. His colleagues say that his institutional knowledge of state finances will be impossible to replace.

Memorial planned for Renezmae

There still have been no arrests in the mysterious death of Española 5-year-old Renezmae Calzada, but her parents have now spoken publicly for the first time since she disappeared two Sundays ago. A memorial mass is planned for Saturday (1 pm at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Española), with a reception afterward; both events are open to the public.

Vote with your wallet?

The president may have left the state, but the drama caused by his visit will continue. Latinos for Trump hosted a fundraiser at a local winery in Albuquerque on Tuesday, the day after the prez's visit, in an effort to drum up support to turn our state red again (we haven't sent our electoral votes to a Republican since 2004). As a result, however, now former Lt. Gov. Diane Denish is calling for a boycott of that winery, saying that "we shouldn't be doing business with people who [support] someone who spews the kind of rhetoric that Donald Trump does."

Water, water everywhere

The Pojoaque Basin could finally be seeing a possible end to the water rights tumult ($ TNM) it's faced for the last half-century since the filing of the infamous Aamodt lawsuit, which sought to establish water rights among pueblos and non-Pueblo property owners. Since a federal court ended official litigation in the case in 2017, parties have continued to battle over roadway usage rights, well-use limits, acequia system regulations and costs.

Maybe not

For a minute there it appeared that New Mexico would be able to issue medical cannabis cards to qualifying out-of-state residents thanks to some nebulous wording in the law, but that plan is back on hold again. Even though a district judge ruled last month that the state must allow nonresidents to participate in its medical cannabis program, the Department of Health has said that the offerings to out-of-staters are now on hold pending further court motions; this has upset attorney and Speaker of the House Brian Egolf, who said that "there is no legal authority on which [the program's director] may ignore this court's orders and commands and decide not to comply with the court's directives."

How to handle the hurt

New Mexico has a higher rate of gun violence than the country as a whole, and Albuquerque's rate of non-fatal shootings is 13 per week. KRQE take a look at what doctors and paramedics have to do to combat the high rates of gun injury in our state; Albuquerque Fire and Rescue Paramedic Supervisor Clint Anderson looks on the brighter side and says that due to the violence in the city, the first responders there are, by default, some of the best around.

Donder und Blitzen

If you feel like you've noticed more cops on the road these last couple days, you aren't wrong. As of Monday, the Santa Fe Police Department has kicked off a "Back-to-School Blitz" in which Police Chief Andrew Padilla says, "Our officers will be focusing on areas where crashes are taking place, where we have speeding problems and where people are running red lights." So basically, don't drive like a total jerk and you should be fine.

T-shirt time?

Today's projected high has crept up just a little since yesterday, putting us in the low 80s instead of the high 70s. We could see some thunderstorms again tomorrow afternoon, so don't pack away the sweaters again just yet.

Thanks for reading! The Word intended to bring two fresh-baked loaves of banana bread on a weekend trip … but it looks like it will be only one now. Not pointing any fingers.