Search continues for missing Rio Arriba County girl

FBI, multiple law enforcement agencies, horses, helicopters, and civilians all involved in search

ISO MaeMae

A massive search continues for Renezmae Calzada, a 5-year-old who went missing from outside her home in Española, and authorities have a suspect in custody. It's not clear why her parents, who last saw her at 9:30 am, didn't report her missing until 6 pm. Tons of concerned locals and multiple law enforcement agencies are involved in the search, and the FBI has set up a staging station at the Ohkay Hotel Casino ($ TNM). Cops are asking people in the vicinity of the girl's home near McCurdy Road and Fairview Lane who may have security cameras to turn over their footage.

Move it along

The district attorney in Albuquerque has changed his policy about whether DA panels should review cop shooting cases. He has now referred the 2014 shooting death of Mary Hawkes to Attorney General Hector Balderas in hopes that a decision will come more quickly from the top law enforcement officer in the state, but the AG's spokesman says there's a conflict of interest because Hawkes' brother works for the AG's Office.

Will work for cash

When folks complain about both panhandling and overgrown weeds, there could be a pretty simple solution: Instead of leaving people experiencing homelessness to their own devices to get cash, why not put them to work pulling said weeds? Santa Fe may be employing just such a program with $140,000 in city money ($ TNM) paid in a contract with local nonprofit Life Link.

Details emerge about Hopewell shooting

In a strange twist, 64-year-old Beverly Melendez could have called 911 herself ($ TNM) before she shot 19-year-old Rodrigo Enriquez Garay late Saturday night at a party on Hopewell Street, saying that there was a potential "human sacrifice" going on nearby. She later told police that she was angry about a party at her neighbor's house and "flipped out," but that she can't remember exactly what happened. When told that a man was killed, the police report says that "Ms. Melendez began to cry, and placed both of her hands upon her head;" she then "began talking lowly to herself, but I could hear her say, 'I'm so sorry,' 'It shouldn't have happened,' 'kneejerk,' and 'stupidy.' "

Promoting Indigeneity

Amy Yeung, the Indigenous founder of online fashion outlet Orenda Tribe, has given up her fast-paced fashion life in Los Angeles to get a new start with a nomadic existence on the Navajo Reservation and with a nameless storefront in Albuquerque. She plans to provide Native artisans with access to more upscale markets and also fund food programs, activities and school supplies through a separate foundation. And this isn't just a bunch of hot air; she raised $150,000 in eight months just through her Instagram.

Needing care, not getting care

The ACLU has filed a lawsuit on behalf of an inmate in New Mexico against the state Corrections Department, alleging that the woman has complained multiple times of potentially serious medical issues yet has not received the proper care ($ TNM). The plaintiff, identified by the initials SM, seeks treatment for pelvic organ prolapse, uterine bleeding and endometrial polyps, which cause incontinence and could also be indicative of cancer. ACLU attorney Lalita Moskowitz said that "this case represents what has become the norm" at the women's correctional facility in Springer.

Pedo priest revealed

Thanks to Word reader Ken for bringing this item to our attention: A priest formerly assigned to St. Catherine Indian School in Santa Fe is now stationed in the Philippines, and has been outed as an abusive pedophile. The Associated Press has a detailed look at Father Pius Hendricks' decades of abuse and attempts to escape his past.

Winter’s coming

A slightly elevated chance of monsoon moisture returns to New Mexico today, but Santa Fe is still seeing only a 14% chance of rain and a high in the low 80s. Yesterday's high was 85. If this downward trend continues, the Word could be one very happy camper by next week (though it looks like temps will hover in about the same place for a few days).

Thanks for reading! The Word is back on that banana bread business.

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