Cat facts

A bit of proof that the Word is part African serval: We'll both do just about anything for rotisserie chicken. The exotic cat that was wandering Hyde Park Road has been captured, and we have delicious roasted poultry bait to thank. The 30-pound male cat will hang out at the ABQ BioPark Zoo until a suitable home is found. That SFR link above also has a video of serval kittens enjoying some dinner, if you haven't had enough yet.

Adios, Diego

Activists successfully abolished the Santa Fe Fiesta Entrada a couple years ago, ending the pageantry of whitewashed New Mexico history, and Fiesta royalty may be next to go ($ TNM) if they get their way again. The depiction of Don Diego de Vargas as part of the Fiesta Court is under examination as further exaltation of conquistadors who committed or aided genocide in our region.

Singer, teen killed in crash

Country singer Kylie Rae Harris and Maria Cruz, a 16-year-old Taos High student, each driving a vehicle, were killed Wednesday night ($ Taos News) in a three-car crash north of Taos, in which alcohol and speed are suspected contributing factors. The third driver involved was uninjured, and authorities have not reported which driver they suspect to have been drunk. The 30-year-old singer was on her way to perform at the Big Barn Dance, a four-day music festival in Taos.

Not giving up

State Sen. Richard Martinez of Española says he will not give up his elected office, even if he is convicted of drunken driving stemming from an incident earlier in the summer. He also told reporters that he wants to be chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee ($ TNM), which functions as a clearinghouse for DWI and other crime-related legislation.

Meet the candidates

Curious who's in the running to represent Santa Fe's District 4 in City Council races? SFR has you covered with profiles of the three candidates looking to give voice to the city's booming Midtown and Southside. And decision time is coming up sooner than you may think. This is the first time the race for City Council—historically a spring election—takes place in the fall. A new state law intended to boost voter turnout consolidated all local elections to the same date.

Hold tight

A mountain biker who suffered life-threatening injuries in the Valles Caldera waited 48 hours alone until rescue ($ TNM), officials at the preserve say. The biker, who lives nearby, was reported missing because neighbors and local residents noticed that his car hadn't been moved in a few days. Officials are not identifying him by name, but say that he suffered injuries to his lower extremities and is still alive.

Life is a carnival

Headed to the State Fair this weekend? The Word will see you there, stuffing her face with fried Oreos. Prepare accordingly (and we don't mean pack the Pepto, though that's probably also a good idea): There's a park 'n' ride available from the Coronado Mall on Saturdays and Sundays, and know that law enforcement and private security have a hefty presence at the fair, so no funny business.

Coming again another day

Chances of rain aren't exactly high this weekend, but they're higher than they have been, and that's a good thing. Santa Fe sees a 22% chance of precipitation on Saturday and 32% on Sunday.

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