All is not K

The national decline of Kmart and Sears continues as the stores' new parent company has announced 100 store closures across the country this winter. This means the Santa Fe Kmart and the Las Cruces Sears will close in December ($ TNM). The company is mum on how many Santa Feans will lose their jobs, and store employees were told not to talk to reporters.

Take them away

Land Commissioner Stephanie Garcia Richard has made the call to terminate two livestock grazing leases held by a company connected to Jeffrey Epstein. She's holding a news conference today about it. The decision comes after New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas said the financier's bid for the acreage meant for cattle grazing should not have been granted, and that Epstein only wanted the land to create even more of a privacy buffer around the ranch's reported nefarious uses in trafficking girls and women.

Little help?

If you've been paying attention to new businesses and expansion of existing businesses in Santa Fe, you have likely heard of industrial revenue bonds, or IRBs. And if you're anything like us, you have likely been wondering: WTF is an IRB? SFR's Leah Cantor breaks it down. In short, debt is taken against the company's future revenue, and the company gets out of paying property taxes to the city or county during its repayment. Click that link up there to learn more if you're still curious what this means for your taxes and your city.

News you can’t really use but is still interesting

Two quickies for ya: One heck of a dust devil touched down outside Taos yesterday, damaging the roof of the restaurant Medley, forcing it to close temporarily. No one was injured and nothing inside was damaged, but KOB 4 has a really cool (and kinda scary) video of the mini-twister that did some not-so-mini damage to the outside of the structure. Meanwhile, back in Santa Fe, someone posted on Facebook that they spotted an exotic big cat on Hyde Park Road. The Word's survey of social media comments reveal a consensus that the cat is a serval, which is native to Africa, and the escaped creature is likely someone's pet. The cat could also be a savannah, a mix of a domestic cat and a serval. Servals are not legal to own in New Mexico, but savannahs are, with proper permits.

So much for that

Santa Fe police are investigating what appears to be an attempted break-in at the district attorney's office downtown. A window was broken and unlatched, but it doesn't seem like anyone entered the office and workers have not reported anything missing.

Centuries-old secrets

A University of New Mexico law professor was told since she was a child that there was something interesting about her family history, but never knew exactly what it was. Now, as an adult, she's finally figured it out: Sherri Burr is a descendant of 17th-century Vice President Aaron Burr, a member of his secret family of color. Burr is currently writing a book about her research.


Did anyone else notice that KBAC was playing nothing but Sting yesterday? Did anyone else turn it off as a result? OK, that sounded kind of bah-humbuggy, but rest assured that the Word's love affair with 98.1 FM will resume heartily today. If you differ, however, and are a Sting fan, check out The New Mexican's pictures from the concert in Taos ($) last night.


Thanks for reading! The Word has this song stuck in her head. (And no, it's not Sting.)