Another one bites the dust

Abiquiu Lake is still closed to swimming after a toxic blue-green algae bloom, and now Cochiti Lake is also closed to swimming for the same reason. The campground and boat ramp are still open, though, so don't cancel your weekend plans just yet. A release from the Army Corps of Engineers also specified that fish caught in Cochiti Lake can still be eaten, just don't chow down on too many ($) and don't eat the guts, where the toxins can accumulate.

Surprise review

Department of Cultural Affairs Secretary Debra Garcia y Griego inherited a pretty huge project when she stepped into her role earlier this year: Vladem Contemporary, the wing of the New Mexico Museum of Art slated to renovate the Halpin Building at the corner of Montezuma and Guadalupe. The new museum was planned to open next year, but Garcia y Griego has now declared that a historical review of renovations is required, which will likely delay the project. That link from SFR also outlines some of the qualms with the building, including its color, fears about keeping iconic murals and decorations, and its sheer size.

Where is Asteria?

The White House really mangled the spelling of Artesia in its official press release about the vice president's visit this week. Asteria, New Mexico, is supposedly a place, according to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Now, the Word is a copy editor at heart, and has every bit of sympathy for occasional typos … but, like, this is the Executive Branch we're talking about here.

Ya got phished

At least one high-ranking City of Santa Fe employee fell victim to a phishing scam that saw a woman in Idaho change the Santa Fean's direct deposit information ($ TNM) to a different bank account, all done via email. After three of Regina Wheeler's paychecks didn't go into her own bank account, the public works director got suspicious and alerted authorities. Side note: Wheeler runs the city's Public Works Department and makes more than $130,000 per year. Those three paychecks totaled over $9,000.

Every dance has a purpose

SFR's Friday long-read is perfect whether you're up and jazzed and ready to take in some information, or whether you just want to look at some pretty pictures for a while. Morgan Smith presents a package of gorgeous photographs and insightful stories about Santa Fe's next generation of flamenco dancers, describing how they got started in the art form and what keeps them moving.

The case advances

The story of a man's shooting death in El Llano from earlier in the week has taken a turn: Whereas the man found with the dead body in the home was not initially charged with a crime, he has now been charged with murder ($ TNM). Jullian Medelez, 45, allegedly shot George Albert Lewis II, 32; the latter man was of Santa Fe.

Facing youth suicide in New Mexico

New Mexico has the fifth-highest youth suicide rate in the country; our rates approximately double the national average. Searchlight New Mexico takes a look at the problem through the lens of a story of a family in Eldorado, written by Nick Pachelli with care and compassion. Pachelli also touches on how the face of these kids is changing; "At Eldorado, the pattern used to be the story of a kid getting bullied," he writes; but now it's the academic high-achievers and star athletes who take their own lives.

Triple crown

The penultimate weekend of the summer will see some high highs, with Santa Fe reaching nearly 90 degrees and Albuquerque soaring into the mid-90s. Hope you aren't headed to Roswell this weekend, unless triple digits are your jam.

Thanks for reading! The Word got a few emails about a dumb typo in yesterday's newsletter, but hey, at least it wasn't Asteria.