Legal doesn’t mean ethical

A man wearing a Trump shirt and toting a prominent gun has been making folks on the Santa Fe Plaza uncomfortable as of late, and vendors, locals and tourists alike are over it. Many folks wouldn't talk to SFR for fear of retaliation from the man in light of white supremacist shootings and violence across the country. Kristine Mihelcic with the City of Santa Fe says, "We know who he is, he's within his rights to pack his gun and parade himself around. If his behavior crosses the line, that's another matter, but we know who he is and there isn't anything illegal about his display."

Follow the rules

Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez, Vice President Myron Lizer, and Navajo Council Resource and Development Committee Chairman Rickie Nez have all stood up for the Energy Transition Act, which includes shutting down a coal-fired power plant that has a great economic impact on the Navajo Nation. However, the tribe also wants assurances that it will indeed see $40 million in community assistance promised in the ETA. The Public Regulation Commission, however, ordered that the plant closure be reviewed under a docket that precedes the ETA, generating concern that the agency might ignore the legislation. The issue is still under examination.

That’s nice, but …

That support from the Navajo Nation is all well and good, of course, but it doesn't mean the Public Regulation Commission didn't still table a vote about the San Juan coal-fired plant ($ TNM). PNM spokesman Ray Sandoval said in an email that the utility is "disappointed that the Commission did not take action to alleviate confusion regarding the application of the Energy Transition Act to all facets of the PNM San Juan abandonment filings," and state Sen. Jacob Candelaria, no fan of the PRC right now, said he wants to explore impeachment proceedings against the three commissioners who voted to table the issue, calling their actions "absurd and ridiculous."

Blowin’ in the wind

Speaking of Native America standing up for renewable energy, US Rep. Deb Haaland (Laguna) visited a wind farm in Torrance County and discussed the virtues of wind energy. From 2017 to 2018, wind energy climbed from 14% to 18.7% of New Mexico's energy production, and Torrance County's El Cabo plant alone produces enough wind power for 90,000 homes.

Nip it in the bud

Domestic terrorism was the focus at a four-hour closed-door summit yesterday ($ TNM) between the governor and key law enforcement figures in the state. Afterward, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham said that hypercharged political rhetoric and shortcomings in key areas, most notably behavioral health care, make New Mexico (and the rest of the country) at great risk of disaster when it comes to domestic terrorism. In the coming weeks, among other proposed measures, the state's sheriffs will be tapped to increase data-sharing to better target individuals deemed as threats, and various anti-violence items will likely be added to the agenda for next January's legislative session.

Wetness is the essence of beauty

The City of Santa Fe plans to build a $20 million water pipeline to pump treated wastewater from the city up to the Rio Grande north of town, but not all local water use activists are on board. SFR reports that in the case of short-term water emergencies and long-term shortages, the city might have no other options than to take more water from the Rio Grande, and that purchase would be a much more costly and unreliable option than putting the return flow pipeline into action ahead of the game.

Cerrillos Road shooting

Social media alerts from the Santa Fe Police Department went out quickly last night when a man was shot in the arm ($ TNM) outside a Cerrillos Road Walgreens and the suspects escaped in a white Nissan. The victim's condition is not yet known, nor is a motive for the shooting.

Hail yes, hail no

Yesterday was a pretty temperate one, with temps not getting too terribly hot and a thunderstorm threat cooling things down considerably after work. (Facebook friends posted some pics of hail in Madrid, though, so those clouds did more than threaten in some places.) Today will be more of the same, but with 0% chance of precipitation.

Thanks for reading! The Word saw the new Tarantino flick last night and got absurdly popcorn-drunk. This is a popcorn hangover alert. Send help.