The Public Regulation Commission, better known as the PRC, is a highly powerful elected body in New Mexico that makes important decisions regarding utilities in our state … and a lot of folks are fed up with it right now ($ TNM), one of those folks being the governor. As a result, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has announced that reforming the body will be a goal for the next legislative session. A lot of the frustration has come to a head with the PRC's fumbling of decisions regarding the Legislature's adoption of the Energy Transition Act and Facebook's massive Los Lunas facility.

Free Willy

Did you know that tree in the Sena Plaza courtyard is also known as Willy? Neither did the Word, but here we are. The Albuquerque Journal reports that nugget of info, as well as more about James "Steve" Thomas, the man who was arrested and charged when he tried to protect Willy from being cut down ($ TNM). Yet, the deed is done. SFR could see the a pile of massive chunks of the tree's trunk from our back porch last night. Thomas told the Journal of his motivations for tying himself to the tree: "[Sena Plaza] is a centerpiece. This is where all the tourists go. I've never seen a tree more healthier."

Don’t go down

A brief but important news item: Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks is temporarily closed due to debris from recent thunderstorms blocking the road headed in. There's no word on when it will reopen, so don't drive down there for a hike just yet. Check back on its official BLM website for updates.

The Philosophy of Fire

City Manager Eric Litzenberg has moved on from Mayor Alan Webber's administration to become the new Santa Fe County fire chief. Litzenberg began his fire service career in 1994 in the city fire department and served as city fire chief from 2013 to 2018. Further, he is currently pursuing a PhD in philosophy from the University of New Mexico with a public administration minor, so he's clearly a learnéd man too. He takes a pay cut to switch positions, from $170,000 to $113,635 ($ TNM).

All clear

A security threat seems to have come and gone at the Santa Fe Police Department headquarters on Camino Entrada on Tuesday. Different reports called it either a bomb threat or an assault with a deadly weapon, and it disrupted normal operations for about two hours ($ TNM). All reports about the incident are highly redacted because the investigation is ongoing.

EPA won’t budge

New Mexico is suing the Air Force for contamination of groundwater at two bases in the state, but the Environmental Protection Agency has so far refused to join the lawsuit. The EPA says in a letter to Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham that it is "not permitted to bring a judicial action against another Executive Branch department or agency;" the gov called that stance "inconsistent with its mission to protect public health and the environment."

Watching the puddles gather rain

Expect more rain and maybe even some hail, says the National Weather Service. OK then! Flash floods may occur, however, so just remember not to cross running water.

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